Business Licenses

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Business Licenses

A valid license is required to conduct certain businesses within the official limits of the City of Buffalo. The City of Buffalo Ordinance requires persons engaged in a home improvement business (i.e. painting, siding, roofing) or doing construction work in the City of Buffalo to obtain a City of Buffalo Contractor license. All mechanical contractors (i.e. electricians, plumbers, HVAC) must be licensed within the City of Buffalo. Licenses are required for certain business types in order to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the City. Upon submittal of a license application, the Office of Licenses will coordinate various reviews and inspections by agencies such as the Building Inspection Office, Fire Prevention Bureau, Health Department, Police Department, zoning, etc. in order to assist individuals in obtaining a city license. This dataset does not include business license information regarding renewals for existing businesses.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LOCATIONlocationlocationPointThe geographic location of the licensed business
CITYcitycityTextThe city in which the licensed business is located
NEIGHBORHOODneighborhoodneighborhoodTextThe neighborhood of the licensed business
LONGITUDElongitudelongitudeNumberThe longitude of the licensed business
CENSUS BLOCK GROUPcensus_block_groupcensus_block_groupTextThe census block group of the licensed business
LATITUDElatitudelatitudeNumberThe latitude of the licensed business
ZIPzipzipTextThe zip code in which the licensed business is located
BUSINESSNAMEbusinessnamebusinessnameTextThe business name is the legal name of the business for which the license is issued
LICSTATUSlicstatuslicstatusTextStatus of a business license; "Active" or "Inactive"
LICENSEDTTMlicensedttmlicensedttmCalendar dateDate on which the business is licensed
DBANAMEdbanamedbanameTextThe DBA (Doing Business As) or operational name of the business for which the license is issued
LICENSENOlicensenolicensenoTextThe licenses number is the initial identification number associated with a business license
CENSUS BLOCKcensus_blockcensus_blockTextThe census block of the licensed business
CODEcodecodeTextA code associated with the type of business license
CENSUS TRACTcensus_tractcensus_tractTextThe census tract of the licensed business
ADDRESSaddressaddressTextThe physical address of the licensed business location
ISSDTTMissdttmissdttmCalendar dateThe date on which a business license is issued
EXPDTTMexpdttmexpdttmCalendar dateDate on which a business license expires
STATUSDTTMstatusdttmstatusdttmCalendar dateDate on which the status of a business license is defined
DESCRIPTdescriptdescriptTextA description of the type of business license
Tax Districts:@computed_region_urdz_b6n8:@computed_region_urdz_b6n8Number
POLICE DISTRICTpolice_districtpolice_districtTextThe police district of the licensed business
COUNCIL DISTRICTcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextThe council district of the licensed business
STATEstatestateTextThe state in which the licensed business is located
PRCLIDprclidprclidTextIdentification number of the parcel of real property associated with a business license
Police Districts:@computed_region_fk4y_hpmh:@computed_region_fk4y_hpmhNumber
Council Districts:@computed_region_tmcg_v66k:@computed_region_tmcg_v66kNumber
APLICKEYaplickeyaplickeyTextThe application key is the initial identification number associated with a business license application

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