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Combined Sewer Overflows

Combined Sewer Overflows

During wet weather, stormwater enters the Buffalo sewer system, combining with wastewater, often leading to permitted combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges. These discharges are the result of the historical design of the system to prevent basement flooding. Buffalo Sewer is working to eliminate the effects of CSO’s on our Great Lakes waterways. As many conditions affect the water quality of our waterways, we urge users to use care during recreation.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Sewer DistrictsewerdistrictsewerdistrictText
CSO Map SheetcsomapsheetcsomapsheetText
CSO IDcsoidcsoidText
Council DistrictcouncildistrictcouncildistrictText
Street NamefullstreetnamefullstreetnameText
Structure TypestructuretypestructuretypeText
Receiving WaterreceivingwaterreceivingwaterText
Location DescriptionlocationdescriptionlocationdescriptionText

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