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Community Crime and Disorder Statistics (to be archived)

Community Crime and Disorder Statistics (to be archived)

*Please visit new link for crime statistics data - <a href="">Community Crime Statistics</a>

Disorder statistics for 2020 are presently unavailable. When ready, they will also be published as a new dataset*

Data is provided monthly by the Calgary Police Service. This includes both crime and disorder statistics.

Crime count is based on the most serious violation (MSV) per incident. Violence: These figures include all violent crime offences as defined by the Centre for Canadian Justice Statistics Universal Crime Reporting (UCR) rules. Domestic violence is excluded. Break and Enter: Residential B&E includes both House and ‘Other’ structure break and enters due to the predominantly residential nature of this type of break in (e.g. detached garages, sheds). B&Es incidents include attempts.

Disorder events consist of Social and Physical disorder. Only public-generated calls are included.

Social disorder includes: Drunk, Disturbance, Indecent Act, Juvenile Complaint, Landlord/tenant, Mental health concern, Neighbor dispute, Party complaint, Prowler, Suspicious person, Threats, Drugs, Noise complaint, Possible gunshots, Unwanted guest/patron, Prostitution, Speeder, Suspicious Auto.

Physical disorder includes: Fire, Property damage and Abandoned auto.

**Resident counts are pulled from census data which is collected Apr/May of each year and apply to community crime stats from June of current year to May of the following year.

ex) 2018 Census data applies to June 2018-May 2019 Community Crime stats



NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Community Center Point (zip)geocoded_column_zipgeocoded_column_zipText
SectorsectorsectorTextCalgary Planning Sector the community is located in
CategorycategorycategoryTextThe category of crime incident
City Quadrants:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfj:@computed_region_4a3i_ccfjNumber
Community Center Point (city)geocoded_column_citygeocoded_column_cityText
Crime CountcountcountNumberThe number of crimes
YearyearyearTextThe year the incidents occurred
MonthmonthmonthTextThe month the incidents occurred
Ward Boundaries 2017:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkv:@computed_region_p8tp_5dkvNumber
Group Categorygroup_categorygroup_categoryText
Resident Countresident_countresident_countNumberThe community resident count in the Civic Census of that year
Ward Boundaries:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4:@computed_region_4b54_tmc4Number
Community Center Point (address)geocoded_column_addressgeocoded_column_addressText
IDididTextUnique id
Calgary Communities:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkv:@computed_region_kxmf_bzkvNumber
Community Center Pointgeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPointCenter point of the community
DatedatedateCalendar dateThe year and month the incidents occurred
Community Namecommunity_namecommunity_nameTextThe Calgary community name where the incident occurred
Community Center Point (state)geocoded_column_stategeocoded_column_stateText

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