Workforce By Industry: 2001 - 2019

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Workforce By Industry: 2001 - 2019

This data set indicates how many people employed in Cambridge are covered by the unemployment insurance compensation system, the number employed by economic sector, and how much these workers earn.

The data covers the work force in Cambridge, regardless of their place of residence, and are taken from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, ES-202 Series based on the requirements set forth in the Massachusetts Employment Security Law and the Compensation for Federal Employees Law. Note that the unemployment compensation system does cover all workers, excluding groups such as the self-employer, religious workers and some domestic workers.

This data set assigns workers to sectors using the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code system. Prior to 2001 only the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was used to assign workers to sectors. Older, historic data is available in the open data set "Cambridge Workforce By Industry: 1967 - 2001". The 2001 figures summarize the same raw data but are recoded to NAICS here.

Note that Natural Resources and Mining establishments are not included in the industry breakdown but are included in total employment.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
InformationinformationinformationNumberNumber of employees in the information sector.
Trade, Trans, and Utilitiestrade_trans_and_utilitiestrade_trans_and_utilitiesNumberNumber of employees in the trade, transportation, and utilities sectors.
Public Adminpublic_adminpublic_adminNumberNumber of employees in the public administration sector.
Other Servicesother_servicesother_servicesNumberNumber of employees in other services sectors.
Leisure and Hospitalityleisure_and_hospitalityleisure_and_hospitalityNumberNumber of employees in the leisure and hospitality sectors.
Educ and Healtheduc_and_healtheduc_and_healthNumberNumber of employees in the education and health sectors.
Prof And Business Servicesprof_and_business_servicesprof_and_business_servicesNumberNumber of employees in the professional and business services sectors.
Financial Servicesfinancial_servicesfinancial_servicesNumberNumber of employees in the financial services sector.
ManufacturingmanufacturingmanufacturingNumberNumber of employees in the manufacturing sector.
ConstructionconstructionconstructionNumberNumber of employees in the construction sector.
EstablishmentsestablishmentsestablishmentsNumberAverage monthly number of businesses locations reporting employment in Cambridge. Some business, such as retail chains, may have more than one establishment.
Total EmploymenttotaltotalNumberAverage monthly number of workers covered by the unemployment insurance compensation system. Note that this figure does not include all employed persons. Mining firms are not included in the industry breakdown but are included in total employment.
Average Annual Wageaverage_annual_wageaverage_annual_wageNumberIn dollars. This figure is calculated by multiplying reported average weekly wage by 52.
Total Annual Payrolltotal_annual_payrolltotal_annual_payrollNumberIn dollars. Due to extensions in coverage in 1972 and 1980, prior years’ data is not comparable. See Workforce Data – Historic: More Information in the attachments section.
YearyearyearTextYear of Data

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