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Provisional COVID-19 Deaths by Race and Hispanic Origin, and Age

Provisional COVID-19 Deaths by Race and Hispanic Origin, and Age

Deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), pneumonia, and influenza reported to NCHS by race, age, and jurisdiction of occurrence.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Pneumonia and COVID-19 Deathspneumonia_and_covid_19_deathspneumonia_and_covid_19_deathsNumberDeaths with Pneumonia and COVID-19 (ICD-10 codes J12.0-J18.9 and U07.1)
Age groupage_group_newage_group_newTextAge group
StatestatestateTextJurisdiction of occurrence
Race and Hispanic Origin Grouprace_and_hispanic_originrace_and_hispanic_originTextRace or Hispanic Origin Group
COVID-19 Deathscovid_19_deathscovid_19_deathsNumberDeaths involving COVID-19 (ICD-code U07.1)
End Dateend_weekend_weekCalendar dateLast date of data period
Influenza Deathsinfluenza_deathsinfluenza_deathsNumberInfluenza Deaths (ICD-10 codes J09-J11)
Total Deathstotal_deathstotal_deathsNumberDeaths from all causes of death
Pneumonia Deathspneumonia_deathspneumonia_deathsNumberPneumonia Deaths (ICD-10 codes J12.0-J18.9)
Pneumonia, Influenza, or COVID-19 Deathspneumonia_influenza_or_covid_19pneumonia_influenza_or_covid_19NumberDeaths with Pneumonia, Influenza, or COVID-19 (ICD-10 codes U07.1 or J09-J18.9)
FootnotefootnotefootnoteTextSuppressed counts (1-9)
Start Datestart_weekstart_weekCalendar dateFirst date of data period
Data as ofdata_as_ofdata_as_ofCalendar dateDate of analysis

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