National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) – Vision and Eye Health Surveillance

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National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) – Vision and Eye Health Surveillance

1999-2008; 2005-2008. This dataset is a de-identified summary table of vision and eye health data indicators from NHANES, stratified by all available combinations of age group, race/ethnicity, gender, and risk factor. NHANES is a program of studies conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics at CDC designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the U.S, and combines interviews and physical examinations. NHANES stopped collecting vision and eye health data in 2008. Approximate sample size is 5,000 persons per year. NHANES data for VEHSS includes questions and examinations related to Visual Function, Vision Exam Measures, Eye Health Conditions, Service Utilization, and Examination Measures. Data were suppressed for cell sizes less than 30 persons, or where the relative standard error more than 30% of the mean. Detailed information on VEHSS NHANES analyses can be found on the VEHSS NHANES webpage ( Additional information about NHANES can be found on the NHANES website ( The VEHSS NHANES dataset was last updated in June 2018.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RiskFactorriskfactorriskfactorTextStratification value for major risk factor (e.g., All participants, Diabetes, Hypertension, or Smoking)
GendergendergenderTextStratification value for gender (e.g., Total, Male, or Female)
Data_Value_Footnotedata_value_footnotedata_value_footnoteTextFootnote text
LocationAbbrlocationabbrlocationabbrTextLocation abbreviation
Low_Confidence_limitlow_confidence_limitlow_confidence_limitNumber95% confidence interval lower bound
RaceEthnicityIDraceethnicityidraceethnicityidTextLookup identifier for the Race/Ethnicity stratification
QuestionquestionquestionTextQuestion description (e.g., Percentage of adults with diabetic retinopathy)
TopictopictopicTextTopic description
ResponseresponseresponseTextOptional column to hold the response value that was evaluated.
AgeageageTextStratification value for age group (e.g., All ages, 12-17 years, 18-39 years, 40-64 years, 65-84 years, or 85 years and older)
AgeIDageidageidTextLookup identifier for the Age stratification
Data_Valuedata_valuedata_valueNumberA numeric data value greater than or equal to 0, or no value when footnote symbol and text are present
CategoryIDcategoryidcategoryidTextLookup identifier for the Category
ResponseIDresponseidresponseidTextLookup identifier for the Response
YearStartyearstartyearstartNumberStarting year for year range
RaceEthnicityraceethnicityraceethnicityTextStratification value for race (e.g., All races, Black, non-hispanic, Hispanic, any race, North American Native, White, non-hispanic, or Other)
RiskFactorResponseriskfactorresponseriskfactorresponseTextColumn holding the response for the risk factor that was evaluated (e.g., All participants)
RiskFactorResponseIDriskfactorresponseidriskfactorresponseidTextLookup identifier for the Major Risk Factor Response
YearEndyearendyearendNumberEnding year for year range. Same as starting year if single year used in evaluation.
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextAbbreviation of Data Source
CategorycategorycategoryTextCategory description
High_Confidence_Limithigh_confidence_limithigh_confidence_limitNumber95% confidence interval higher bound
Sample_Sizesample_sizesample_sizeNumberSample size used to calculate the data value
LocationDesclocationdesclocationdescTextLocation full name
NumeratornumeratornumeratorNumberThe actual number of patients in the dataset with the condition (n)
LocationIDlocationidlocationidTextLookup identifier value for the location
TopicIDtopicidtopicidTextLookup identifier for the Topic
QuestionIDquestionidquestionidTextLookup identifier for the Question
GeoLocationgeolocationgeolocationPointNo Geolocation is provided for national data
GenderIDgenderidgenderidTextLookup identifier for the Gender stratification
RiskFactorIDriskfactoridriskfactoridTextLookup identifier for the Major Risk Factor
DataValueTypeIDdatavaluetypeiddatavaluetypeidTextLookup identifier for the data value type
Data_Value_Footnote_Symboldata_value_footnote_symboldata_value_footnote_symbolTextFootnote symbol
Data_Value_Typedata_value_typedata_value_typeTextThe data value type, such as age-adjusted prevalence or crude prevalence
Data_Value_Unitdata_value_unitdata_value_unitTextThe unit, such as "%" for percent

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