Part I Crimes Per 1,000 Residents

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Part I Crimes Per 1,000 Residents

As of January 1, 2021, the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) became the national crime data collection program.

NIBRS was implemented to improve the overall quality of crime data collected by law enforcement, by capturing details on each single crime incident, as well as on separate offenses within the same incident. The historic Summary Reporting System (SRS) data collection, which collects more limited information than the more robust NIBRS, was phased out to make Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) a NIBRS-only data collection.

Coming soon, look for a new dataset based on NIBRS, which will provide more complete and comprehensive data for law enforcement, researchers, and the public.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Crimes per 1Kcrimes_per_1kcrimes_per_1kNumberCalculation found by dividing number of crimes by population and multiplying result by 1,000. (crimes / population x 1,000)
CountcountcountNumberNumber of crimes reported
Year Dateyear_dateyear_dateCalendar date
Report Yearreport_yearreport_yearTextYear the crime was reported
Part I Crimepart_i_crimepart_i_crimeTextUniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Crime Type - Violent, Property or All
PopulationpopulationpopulationNumberNumber of residents based on US Census American Community Survey Estimate

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