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Streets Network

Dataset is no longer actively updated

For updated data, see and

Dataset is derived from an existing network managed by Mesa Fire and Medical. Includes all streets data collected, maintained and used by Maricopa Regional 911 (MR911).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Alternate Address Direction Prefixaldirpre1aldirpre1TextAlternative address direction prefix
City CodecitycodecitycodeNumberCity Code for shading Grey Roads 1=Mesa, 2=Gilbert, 3=Apache Junction, 4=county
Shield Textshield_txtshield_txtTexthighway/freeway cartography
Alternate Address Direction Suffix-2aldirsuf2aldirsuf2TextAlternative address direction suffix
Vehicle WeightweightweightNumberGross Vehicle Weight in pounds
HEIGHTheightheightNumberHeight in inches
Road TypefeatypfeatypTextRoad type for address
Hundred Block Addresshundred_blkhundred_blkTextAggregated Hundred Block Address
OBJECTIDobjectidobjectidTextPrimary database key for feature class
Alternate Address Type-2alfeatyp2alfeatyp2TextAlternative street address type
Street ClassifcationclassclassTextStreet Classification
Address Start LeftfraddlfraddlTextAddress at Left Start
MILESmilesmilesNumberMileage of street segment
Street Direction SuffixdirsufdirsufTextStreet address suffix direction
SpeedLimitspeedlimitspeedlimitNumberPosted speed limit of segment
Obstacle Maskobstacle_maskobstacle_maskTextBack/Forward Segment Blockage Mask
Municipality on RightmunrmunrTextMunicipality Right of segment
Blockage Maskblockage_maskblockage_maskTextBack/Forward Segment Blockage Mask
Grid to LeftgridlgridlTextGrid To The Left (defined Qtr. Section Value. Old Processing Carryover)
Street Direction PrefixdirpredirpreTextStreet address prefix direction
Address End Left Integertoaddl_inttoaddl_intTextRight address segment start (Integer) for Analysis Reporting
Address Start Right Integerfraddr_intfraddr_intTextLeft address segment start (Integer) for Analysis Reporting
Address End Right Integertoaddr_inttoaddr_intTextRight address segment end (Integer) for Analysis Reporting
Delta Datedelta_datedelta_dateCalendar dateNot Used or Maintained
Date for Revisionsrev_daterev_dateCalendar dateDate field for revisions
Revision DaterevdaterevdateCalendar dateRevision date of segment
Grid to RightgridrgridrTextGrid To The Right
Municipality on LeftmunlmunlTextMunicipality Left of segment
Shape Lengthshape_lengthshape_lengthNumberGeometry measured shape inherit to GIS feature dataset
STREET IDstreetidstreetidNumberUnique ID to dataset
DRIVE TIMEdrive_timedrive_timeNumberUnknown quantification field
Segment IDsegidsegidTextUnique ID for segment
Facility IDfacilityidfacilityidTextUnique ID for segment
Alternate Street Namealfeanme1alfeanme1TextAlternative street address name
TURN MASKturn_maskturn_maskNumberBackward/Forward Segment Turn Mask
Street NamefeanmefeanmeTextName of Street
PLAT To LeftplatlplatlNumberPlat To The Left
Address Start RightfraddrfraddrTextAddress at Right Start
Address End RighttoaddrtoaddrTextAddress at Left End
PLAT to RightplatrplatrNumberPlat To The Right
Address Start Left Integerfraddl_intfraddl_intTextLeft address segment start (Integer) for Analysis Reporting
Full Street NamefullnamefullnameTextFull name of street
CROSS PENcross_pencross_penNumberAssumed quantification field
TRAVEL DIRtravel_dirtravel_dirTextAssumed travel direction of segment, all NULL values
Direction FlippedflippedflippedCheckboxDigitized Direction Flipped from Original YES or NO
Hundred Dir Directionhundred_dirhundred_dirTextAggregated Hundred Block Street Direction
Alternate Street Name-2alfeanme2alfeanme2TextAlternative street address name
Serv Timeserv_timeserv_timeTextUnknown quantity field, empty
SpeedspeedspeedTextPosted speed limit of segment
Address TypeaddtypaddtypNumberAddress type 0=Odd Even; 1=Contigous 2=Contigous odd even (default is 0)
Segment ChangedeltadeltaTextSegment Change
Elevation of Street Startelev_startelev_startTextAssumed elevation of street at segment start, empty
Segment StatusstatusstatusTextStatus of segment – existing, permitted, some unknown (R) value = Recorded
LEFT PARK RESTRICTIONpark_res_lpark_res_lTextAssumed left side parking restrictions
SourcesourcesourceTextSource of segment data from partner organization
TIMEFACTORtimefactortimefactorNumberNot in Arc/Info Coverage but MGE Item added in Orcale db
RIGHT PARK RESTRICTIONpark_res_rpark_res_rTextAssumed right side parking restrictions
WIDTHwidthwidthNumberWidth in inches
Elevation of Street Endelev_endelev_endTextAssumed elevation of street at segment end, empty
SERV SIDEserv_sideserv_sideNumberUnknown, values zeroed out
Alternate Address Line2 Direction Prefixaldirpre2aldirpre2TextAlternative address direction prefix
Alternate Address Direction Suffixaldirsuf1aldirsuf1TextAlternative address direction suffix
Address End LefttoaddltoaddlTextAddress at Left End
TRAVEL REStravel_restravel_resNumberAssumed quantification field, all values at 3
NSFnsfnsfTextValue used to Annotate Streets. 0 = Yes 1 = No
Alternate Address Typealfeatyp1alfeatyp1TextAlternative street address type
Risk CostriskcostriskcostNumberRisk to traverse the segment COM TRPK =10,000; All others = 1
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