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Berkeley PD Log - Jail Bookings

Adults booked into the Berkeley Police Department Jail over the past 30 days.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Case Numbercase_numbercase_numberTextFOR MORE INFO SEE THE .PDF ATTACHMENT UNDER THE ABOUT TAB. The Case Number identifies the police report documenting the arrest
SubjectsubjectsubjectTextThe name of the person booked
Statute Descriptionstatute_descriptionstatute_descriptionTextA plain text summary description of the statute. Expand the column to see the complete description.
StatutestatutestatuteTextThe statutory number section of the violation
SexsexsexTextThe sex of the person booked
Booking Agencybooking_agencybooking_agencyTextFOR MORE INFO SEE THE .PDF ATTACHMENT UNDER THE ABOUT TAB. This field contains the booking agency’s Originating Reporting Identifier (ORI). Every law enforcement agency is assigned a unique ORI for identification purposes. The following are the ORI’s of common agencies that transport bookings to the Berkeley City Jail: (CA0010000) Alameda County Sheriff's Office (CA0010200) Albany Police Department (CA0010300) Berkeley Police Department (CA0010400) Emeryville Police Department (CA0012100) BART Police Department (CA0019700) UC Berkeley Police Department (CA0019970) CHP - Golden Gate (CA0073700) Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (CA034085G) Division of Adult Parole Operations Any agency not listed above is identified as “OTHER”.
Arrest Date and Timearrest_date_and_timearrest_date_and_timeCalendar date
Statute Typestatute_typestatute_typeTextThe statutory code the statute number is found in. The following are common Statute Types: (BMC) Berkeley Municipal Code, (BP) Business and Professional Code, (EC) Education Code, (GC) Government Code, (HN) Harbors and Navigations Code, (HS) Health and Safety Code, (PC) Penal Code, (VC) Vehicle Code, (WI) Welfare and Institutions Code
Booking Date and Timebooking_date_and_timebooking_date_and_timeCalendar dateDate and time of the booking
RaceraceraceTextThe race of the person booked
DispositiondispositiondispositionTextFOR MORE INFO SEE THE .PDF ATTACHMENT UNDER THE ABOUT TAB. The Disposition describes how the detainee left the custody of the Berkeley Police Department Jail. The following is a legend for disposition codes: (849(b) PC-RELEASE) No prosecution requested (BAILED) Released pursuant to bail bond (CITE-JAIL) Cited at Jail, then Released (CITE-MEDICAL) Cited at Jail, enroute medical (COURT BOOKING) Court ordered booking, released (ENROUTE) Enroute to other agency (HAYWARD COURT) Moved to Hayward Courthouse (MEDICAL) Medical release (NO COMPLAINT ) No complaint sought (NORTH COUNTY JAIL) Moved to Glenn Dyer Detention Facility (SANTA RITA JAIL) Moved to Santa Rita County Jail (SANTA RITA-MEDICAL) Enroute to Santa Rita Jail via medical evaluation
Date Of Birthdate_of_birthdate_of_birthCalendar dateThe date of birth of the person booked
Booking Numberbooking_numberbooking_numberTextThe Booking Number is a sequential index number that identifies one booking from another. The first four numbers of the Booking Number designate the year, followed by a hyphen and then a sequential number generated by the police Records Management System (RMS).
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