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Performance Metrics - Chicago Park District - Facilities Work Order Management

Performance Metrics - Chicago Park District - Facilities Work Order Management

The Facility Management Department works to ensure safe, clean and high quality parkland and facilities throughout the City of Chicago by utilizing the highest effective maintenance standards/procedures and management practices. This department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, renovation and general upkeep of all Park District property such as field houses, swimming pools, comfort stations, park amenities, etc. The data displayed represents the weekly number of work orders completed compared to the number open by the Facilities Department.

Please note that the number is cumulative, the previous weeks open work orders roll into the current week, which during seasonal fluctuations may cause the number completed to outpace the number opened.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
# Open Work Orders Completed_open_w_o_s_completed_1_open_w_o_s_completed_1Number
% Complete Targetcomplete_target_based_on_previous_resultscomplete_target_based_on_previous_resultsNumber
% Open Work Orders Completed_open_w_o_s_completed_2_open_w_o_s_completed_2Number
# Open_open_openNumber

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