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2017 - 2019 Youth & Young Adult Division Employment Services

2017 - 2019 Youth & Young Adult Division Employment Services

Dataset shows employment services provided to Youth & Young Adult Division clients in 2017 - 2019. Additional services to help clients obtain stability in employment are not included in this set. Additional services include assisting clients with: transportation, childcare enrollment, obtaining health care, obtaining government issued IDs, obtaining criminal record services, obtaining GED, counseling referrals, etc.

Job readiness trainings, interview preparation, conflict resolution, and other services rendered to clients who participate in the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program are not reflected in this set.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Quarter 4 2018quarter_4_2018quarter_4_2018Number
Quarter 3 2018quarter_3_2018quarter_3_2018Number
Quarter 1 2018quarter_1_2018quarter_1_2018Number
Quarter 2 2017quarter_2_2017quarter_2_2017Number
Quarter 4 2016quarter_4_2016quarter_4_2016Number
Quarter 3 2017quarter_3_2017quarter_3_2017Number
Quarter 4 2017quarter_4_2017quarter_4_2017Number
Quarter 2 2019quarter_2_2019quarter_2_2019Number
Quarter 1 2019quarter_1_2019quarter_1_2019Number
Quarter 2 2018quarter_2_2018quarter_2_2018Number
Quarter 1 2017quarter_1_2017quarter_1_2017Number

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