Evanston Benchmarking Covered Building List 2021

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Evanston Benchmarking Covered Building List 2021

This is a list of buildings covered by the energy and water benchmarking ordinance. There may be buildings covered by the ordinance that are not included on this list, omissions from this list does not relieve the building owner from complying with provisions in the ordinance. Please note that properties granted one year exemptions are still considered covered buildings and will need to comply with ordinance provisions or request a new exemption. Additional information about the ordinance and compliance may be found by visiting If you have questions related to this data please contact 3-1-1 or email


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Initial Reporting Dateinitial_reporting_dateinitial_reporting_dateText
Evanston Building IDevanston_building_idevanston_building_idText
Building Addressbuilding_addressbuilding_addressText
Next Reporting Datenext_reporting_datenext_reporting_dateText
Next Verification Requirednext_verification_requirednext_verification_requiredText
Building Typebuilding_typebuilding_typeText
Type Sizetype_sizetype_sizeText

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