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2005 - 2015 Graduation Outcomes

Graduation results for all students by year; cohorts of 2001 through 2011 (Classes of 2005 through 2015). Graduation Outcomes as Calculated by the New York State Education Department. The New York State calculation method was first adopted for the Cohort of 2001 (Class of 2005). The cohort consists of all students who first entered 9th grade in a given school year (e.g., the Cohort of 2006 entered 9th grade in the 2006-2007 school year). Graduates are defined as those students earning either a Local or Regents diploma and exclude those earning either a special education (IEP) diploma or GED.

In order to comply with FERPA regulations on public reporting of education outcomes, rows with a cohort of 20 or fewer students are suppressed.

Due to the small number of students identified as Native American or Multi-Racial, these ethnicities are not reported on the Ethnicity tab; however, these students are included in the counts on all other tabs.

4 Year August outcomes are available for the 2004-2011 cohorts at the citywide level and for the 2005-2011 cohorts at the borough, district and school level. 5 Year August outcomes are available for the 2006-2010 cohorts. Cells are blank when data is not available.

Charter schools are not included in the NYSED calculation of graduation rates for NYC.

School level results are not presented for District 79 and District 75 schools, but their outcomes are included in citywide totals.

Starting with the 2009 cohort (Class of 2013), students with IEPs could use the compensatory score option (CSO) to meet graduation requirements, which contributed to an increase in the graduation rate.

Students are considered English Language Learners by NY State if classified as an ELL as of graduation.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
# of grads Regents w/o Advancedof_grads_regents_w_o_advanced_2of_grads_regents_w_o_advanced_2Number
# Total Gradstotal_gradstotal_gradsNumber
# Total Cohorttotal_cohorttotal_cohortNumber
Cohort Categorycohort_categorycohort_categoryText
# of grads Total Regentsof_grads_total_regents_2of_grads_total_regents_2Number
% of cohort Dropped Outof_cohort_dropped_outof_cohort_dropped_outNumber
% of grads Localof_grads_localof_grads_localNumber
% of cohort Total Regentsof_cohort_total_regentsof_cohort_total_regentsNumber
# Still Enrolledstill_enrolledstill_enrolledNumber
% of cohort Regents w/o Advancedof_cohort_regents_w_o_advancedof_cohort_regents_w_o_advancedNumber
% of cohort Advanced Regentsof_cohort_advanced_regentsof_cohort_advanced_regentsNumber
# Dropped Outdropped_outdropped_outNumber
% of grads Regents w/o Advancedof_grads_regents_w_o_advanced_1of_grads_regents_w_o_advanced_1Number
% of cohort Localof_cohort_localof_cohort_localNumber
# of grads Advanced Regentsof_grads_advanced_regents_2of_grads_advanced_regents_2Number
# of cohort Total Gradsof_cohort_total_grads_2of_cohort_total_grads_2Number
Cohort Yearcohort_yearcohort_yearNumber
% of grads Total Regentsof_grads_total_regents_1of_grads_total_regents_1Number
% of grads Advanced Regentsof_grads_advanced_regents_1of_grads_advanced_regents_1Number
% of cohort Still Enrolledof_cohort_still_enrolledof_cohort_still_enrolledNumber
% of cohort Total Gradsof_cohort_total_grads_1of_cohort_total_grads_1Number
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