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Benefits and Programs Multilingual Dataset

<p>This dataset provides benefit, program, and resource information for over 80 health and human services available to NYC residents in all eleven local law languages. The data is kept up-to-date, including the most recent applications, eligibility requirements, and application dates. Information in this dataset is used on ACCESS NYC, Generation NYC, and Growing Up NYC.</p>

Reach out to if you have any questions about this dataset.</br>

<p>"This data makes it easier for NYC residents to discover and be aware of multiple benefits they may be eligible for. NYC Opportunity Product team works with 15+ government agencies to collect and update this data. Each record in the dataset represents a benefit or program. </p><li>Blank fields are NULL values in this dataset.</li><li>The data can be used to develop new websites or directory resources to help residents to discover benefits they need. </li></p>

The English-only version of the data is available at"


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
updated_atupdated_atupdated_atCalendar date
Get help by calling 311get_help_by_calling_311get_help_by_calling_311TextHow to get help by calling 311 and what to ask for, or 911 for emergencies.
Apply in person call to actionapply_in_person_call_to_actionapply_in_person_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying in person (e.g. "Find a location").
Plain language program nameplain_language_program_nameplain_language_program_nameTextA plain language name for the program that describes what it is or does (e.g. SNAP = Money to buy food).
Population servedpopulation_servedpopulation_servedTextTarget population for program.
Program categoryprogram_categoryprogram_categoryTextType of program.
Program nameprogram_nameprogram_nameTextOfficial name of program (e.g. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).
Unique ID numberunique_id_numberunique_id_numberTextUnique identifier.
Apply by mail call to actionapply_by_mail_call_to_actionapply_by_mail_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying by mail (usually "Download the form").
Age groupage_groupage_groupTextTarget age group for program.
Program acronymprogram_acronymprogram_acronymTextAcronym for program (e.g. SNAP).
Program codeprogram_codeprogram_codeTextCode used for screening in ACCESS NYC ONLY.
Government agencygovernment_agencygovernment_agencyTextName of administering government agency(ies).
Get help by calling, other than 311get_help_by_calling_otherget_help_by_calling_otherTextHow to get help by calling the administering agency, and the phone number.
URL of PDF application formsurl_of_pdf_application_formsurl_of_pdf_application_formsTextLink to download the PDF application form.
Apply online call to actionapply_online_call_to_actionapply_online_call_to_actionTextCall to action phrase for applying online (e.g. "Apply online," "File online").
LanguagelanguagelanguageTextLanguage of program information.
URL of online applicationurl_of_online_applicationurl_of_online_applicationURLLink to the online application for the program.
Page typepage_typepage_typeTextType of information.
How to apply or enroll by phonehow_to_apply_or_enroll_by_1how_to_apply_or_enroll_by_1TextInstructions for how to apply to the program by phone.
Get help in personget_help_in_personget_help_in_personTextHow to get help in person, with a link to the administering agency's in-person centers (ACCESS NYC locations page), or the address for the center.
Heads upheads_upheads_upTextList of key program attributes/common questions (e.g. facts, application formats, citizenship status, deadlines).
Required documents summaryrequired_documents_summaryrequired_documents_summaryTextA summary of the documents required to apply for this program.
Program descriptionprogram_descriptionprogram_descriptionTextPlain language description of what the program is and how it works.
Plain language eligibilityplain_language_eligibilityplain_language_eligibilityTextPlain language overview of the eligibility requirements for the program.
Office locations URLoffice_locations_urloffice_locations_urlURLLink to location finder on ACCESS NYC - where map of in-person application centers is available.
How to apply summaryhow_to_apply_summaryhow_to_apply_summaryTextSummary of the different ways to apply for the program.
How to apply or enroll onlinehow_to_apply_or_enroll_onlinehow_to_apply_or_enroll_onlineTextInstructions for how to apply to the program online.
How to apply or enroll in personhow_to_apply_or_enroll_inhow_to_apply_or_enroll_inTextInstructions for how to apply to the program in person.
How to apply or enroll by mailhow_to_apply_or_enroll_byhow_to_apply_or_enroll_byTextInstructions for how to apply to the program by mail.
Get help summaryget_help_summaryget_help_summaryTextA summary of the different ways you can get help with this program.
Get help onlineget_help_onlineget_help_onlineTextHow to get help online, with link(s) to the administering agency's website.
Get help by emailget_help_by_emailget_help_by_emailTextHow to get help/questions answered by email from the administering agency.
Brief excerptbrief_excerptbrief_excerptTextOne sentence description of program.
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