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Compostable Bag Retailers in NYC

A list of retailers that sell brown paper lawn & leaf bags or certified compostable bags. For more information on NYC's resident organics collection or neighborhood drop off locations, see: Please note that given the suspension of the curbside composting program, this information may not be up to date. In the face of economic hardship, and to ensure the City can continue to devote resources to essential safety, health, shelter, and food security needs, the New York City Department of Sanitation announced the suspension of the curbside composting program, beginning May 4, 2020. During the suspension, any food scraps and yard waste set out for composting will be collected as trash. The suspension is currently planned through June 30, 2021.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Vendor_Websitevendor_websitevendor_websiteTextWebsite of vendor
ZipCodezipcodezipcodeTextSeven digit zip code of vendor
Community Districts:@computed_region_f5dn_yrer:@computed_region_f5dn_yrerNumber
Vendor_Typevendor_typevendor_typeTextType of vendor - either retail or wholesale.
ct2010ct2010ct2010Text2010 Census tract
BoroughboroughboroughTextNYC Borough where vendor is located. New York City’s boroughs are five county-level administrative divisions, with each one also being a state county.
NTANamentanamentanameTextNeighborhood Tabulation Area Name. Neighborhood Tabulation Areas are small area boundaries that were initially created by the Department of City Planning for small area population projections. However, NTAs are now being used to present data from the Decennial Census and American Community Survey.
boroCDborocdborocdTextBorough and Community District which is represented by a single-digit borough number followed by two-digit borough community district number.
BBLbblbblTextTen digit Borough-Block-Lot (BBL) or parcel numbers identify the location of buildings or properties.
City Council Districts:@computed_region_92fq_4b7q:@computed_region_92fq_4b7qNumber
BINbinbinTextBuilding Identification Number (BIN). A seven-digit numerical identifier unique to each building in the City of New York.
CouncilDistcouncildistcouncildistTextNYC Council District Number. There are 51 Council districts throughout the five boroughs and is one is represented by an elected Council Member.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberLatitude of location for mapping purposes
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberLongitude of location for mapping purposes
NumbernumbernumberTextVendor street address number
StreetstreetstreetTextStreet where vendor is located
Police Precincts:@computed_region_sbqj_enih:@computed_region_sbqj_enihNumber
Borough Boundaries:@computed_region_yeji_bk3q:@computed_region_yeji_bk3qNumber
Vendor_Namevendor_namevendor_nameTextName of vendor selling certified compostable bags.
Zip Codes:@computed_region_efsh_h5xi:@computed_region_efsh_h5xiNumber
Vendor_Phone_Numbervendor_phone_numbervendor_phone_numberTextVendor phone number
Available_Bag_Typeavailable_bag_typeavailable_bag_typeTextCompostable bags available for sale include: Certified compostable and/or paper lawn and leaf.
Vendor_Addressvendor_addressvendor_addressTextVendor street address
Vendor_Sitevendor_sitevendor_siteTextComplete vendor address
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