Derelict Vehicle Dispositions - Vehicles

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Derelict Vehicle Dispositions - Vehicles

"Data for removing derelict vehicle operations from city streets. Gives disposition (complaints) of derelict vehicles reported to DSNY from 311. For information on how to report an abandoned vehicle, go to:

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DVV_TAG_LOC2dvv_tag_loc2dvv_tag_loc2TextTag Location Line 2
DVV_DISTRICT_CDdvv_district_cddvv_district_cdTextDistrict Code Two to three-letter district code for Borough is followed by two-digit community board number for the Borough. BKE, BKN, BKW = Brooklyn East, Brooklyn North, Brooklyn West; BXE, BXW = Bronx East, Bronx West; MNE, MNW - Manhattan East , Manhattan West; QN, QS, QW = Queens North, Queens, South, Queens West; SI - Staten Island.
ISNisnisnNumberInitial sequence number Initial sequence numbers (ISN) refers to the unique32-bit sequence number assigned to each new connection on a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)-based data communication. It helps with the allocation of a sequence number that does not conflict with other data bytes transmitted over a TCP connection.
DVV_STATEdvv_statedvv_stateTextLOR State LOR = Last Owner of Record
DVV_FINAL_DISP_CDdvv_final_disp_cddvv_final_disp_cdTextFinal Disposition Code "AAA pending HLD on hold LP license plate NOL not on location OC owner claim RTC release to contractor RTI release to insurance RTO release to owner RTP release to Police RTS release to Sanitation VOI void "
DVV_TAG_TIMEdvv_tag_timedvv_tag_timeNumberTag Time (Format: HHMM)
DVV_TAG_DATEdvv_tag_datedvv_tag_dateNumberTag Date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVV_COLORdvv_colordvv_colorTextVehicle Color
DVV_TAG_NOdvv_tag_nodvv_tag_noNumberTag Vehicle Identification Number A seven digit number which matches the tag attached to the vehicle
DVV_YEARdvv_yeardvv_yearNumberVehicle Year
DVV_TYPEdvv_typedvv_typeTextVehicle Type "2D 2 door vehicle 4D 4 door vehicle BS bus BX box truck HE heavy truck MC motorcycle NV non-vehicle (boat house trailer, large container 10 - 40 yards, small container 1 to 2 yards) PT pickup or panel truck SV step van SW station wagon TL trailer TR truck VN van "
DVV_TAG_REMARKSdvv_tag_remarksdvv_tag_remarksTextTag Remarks
DVV_FINAL_DISP_DATEdvv_final_disp_datedvv_final_disp_dateNumberFinal Disposition Date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVV_TAG_LOC1dvv_tag_loc1dvv_tag_loc1TextTag Location Line 1
DVV_STOLEN_INDICdvv_stolen_indicdvv_stolen_indicTextStolen Indicator (Y or N)
DVV_SE_STATUSdvv_se_statusdvv_se_statusTextFinal Status Code "A open B pending C closed N no owner S stolen V summons blanks none "
DVV_TIMESTMPdvv_timestmpdvv_timestmpNumberTimestamp (Format: YYYYMMDDHHMM)
DVV_CHECKED_DATEdvv_checked_datedvv_checked_dateNumberDate vehicle was checked (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVV_CITYdvv_citydvv_cityTextLOR City LOR = Last Owner of Record
DVV_DOTdvv_dotdvv_dotNumberDate of Vehicle's theft (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVV_MAKEdvv_makedvv_makeTextVehicle Make
DVV_TIMESTMP_UPDdvv_timestmp_upddvv_timestmp_updNumberUpdate Timestamp (Format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS)

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