Derelict Vehicles Dispositions - Complaints

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Derelict Vehicles Dispositions - Complaints

Provides data on complaints received from 311 concerning derelict vehicles on city streets. For information on how to report an abandoned vehicle, go to:

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DVC_DIST_CDdvc_dist_cddvc_dist_cdTextDistrict Code where vehicle was located Two to three-letter district code for Borough is followed by two-digit community board number for the Borough. BKE, BKN, BKW = Brooklyn East, Brooklyn North, Brooklyn West; BXE, BXW = Bronx East, Bronx West; MNE, MNW - Manhattan East , Manhattan West; QN, QS, QW = Queens North, Queens, South, Queens West; SI - Staten Island.
DVC_LOC1dvc_loc1dvc_loc1TextLocation Line #1
DVC_REMARKS1dvc_remarks1dvc_remarks1TextRemarks Line #1
DVC_REMARKS2dvc_remarks2dvc_remarks2TextRemarks Line #2
DVC_TAG_NOdvc_tag_nodvc_tag_noTextA seven digit number which matches the tag attached to the vehicle
DVC_CALL_DT_TIMEdvc_call_dt_timedvc_call_dt_timeNumberCall date & time (Format:YYYYMMDDHHMM)
DVC_LOC2dvc_loc2dvc_loc2TextLocation Line #2
DVC_MAKEdvc_makedvc_makeTextMake of Vehicle
ISNisnisnNumberInitial sequence number Initial sequence numbers (ISN) refers to the unique32-bit sequence number assigned to each new connection on a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)-based data communication. It helps with the allocation of a sequence number that does not conflict with other data bytes transmitted over a TCP connection.
DVC_TYPEdvc_typedvc_typeTextVehicle's Model Type "2D 2 door vehicle 4D 4 door vehicle BS bus BX box truck HE heavy truck MC motorcycle NV non-vehicle (boat house trailer, large container 10 - 40 yards, small container 1 to 2 yards) PT pickup or panel truck SV step van SW station wagon TL trailer TR truck TT tractor trailer VN van"
DVC_COLORdvc_colordvc_colorTextColor of Vehicle

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