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DOHMH COVID-19 Antibody-by-Borough

DOHMH COVID-19 Antibody-by-Borough

This dataset contains information on antibody testing for COVID-19: the number of people who received a test, the number of people with positive results, the percentage of people tested who tested positive, and the rate of testing per 100,000 people, stratified by borough of residence. These data can also be accessed here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TEST_RATEtest_ratetest_rateNumberRate of antibody testing per 100,000 people by borough of residence
PERCENT_POSITIVEpercent_positivepercent_positiveNumberPercentage of people tested with an antibody test who tested positive by borough of residence
NUM_PEOP_TESTnum_peop_testnum_peop_testNumberNumber of people who received an antibody test by borough of residence
NUM_PEOP_POSnum_peop_posnum_peop_posNumberNumber of people with a positive result on an antibody test by borough of residence
demo_variabledemo_variabledemo_variableTextBorough of residence

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