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DSNY Graffiti Tracking

Location and resolution of reported incidents of graffiti within NYC. The Graffiti-Free NYC Program removes graffiti and other blight across the five boroughs. Graffiti-Free NYC is a cooperative effort among the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the NYC Department of Sanitation, and the Office of the Mayor. For more info, see: The COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the City’s economy and finances. As of April 21, 2020, to ensure the City can continue to devote resources to essential safety, health, shelter, and food security needs, the City suspended the Graffiti Free NYC program indefinitely. As a result, 311 has suspended processing of graffiti removal service requests.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Borough Boundaries:@computed_region_yeji_bk3q:@computed_region_yeji_bk3qNumber
STATUSstatusstatusTextStatus of reported graffiti complaint
Community Districts:@computed_region_f5dn_yrer:@computed_region_f5dn_yrerNumber
Zip Codes:@computed_region_efsh_h5xi:@computed_region_efsh_h5xiNumber
LOCATION (zip)location_ziplocation_zipText
LOCATION (address)location_addresslocation_addressText
BOROUGHboroughboroughTextOne of the five boroughs of NYC
X_COORDINATEx_coordinatex_coordinateTextLatitude coordinate of complaint address
CLOSED_DATEclosed_dateclosed_dateCalendar dateDate issue was closed
RESOLUTION_ACTIONresolution_actionresolution_actionTextDescription of actions taken to resolve the graffiti complaint. Expected values: graffiti reported, site to be cleaned, notice of intent to clean and forever graffiti free form sent, property research required, further research is necessary to identify owner, site downloaded for cleaning, mail returned/wrong address, cleaning crew dispatched, property cleaned, owner refused, public property (non-city), cannot locate property, unnecessary, gone on arrival, refer to another agency, no graffiti on property, graffiti is intentional.
CREATED_DATEcreated_datecreated_dateCalendar dateDate graffiti was reported
BBLbblbblTextNumberical number that represents Borough, Block and Lot location
LOCATION (city)location_citylocation_cityText
CITY_COUNCIL_DISTRICTcity_council_districtcity_council_districtTextOne of the 51 Council Districts that govern NYC.
POLICE_PRECINCTpolice_precinctpolice_precinctTextOne of the 77 Police Precincts in NYC
COMMUNITY_BOARDcommunity_boardcommunity_boardTextOne of the 59 Community Boards of NYC
INCIDENT_ADDRESSincident_addressincident_addressTextStreet address of graffiti complaint
Police Precincts:@computed_region_sbqj_enih:@computed_region_sbqj_enihNumber
City Council Districts:@computed_region_92fq_4b7q:@computed_region_92fq_4b7qNumber
LOCATION (state)location_statelocation_stateText
Y_COORDINATEy_coordinatey_coordinateTextLongitude coordinate of complaint address
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