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FY20 MMR Spending and Budget

FY20 MMR Spending and Budget

NYC agency spending and budget information by units of appropriation from the

Mayor's Management Report (MMR)


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
NotesnotesnotesTextAdditional information about the data
Applicable_MMR_Goalsapplicable_mmr_goalsapplicable_mmr_goalsText– indicates relationship between MMR goals and agency expenditures. Goals for agencies are listed at the beginning of each chapter in the MMR and can be found as an attachment in the “About This Dataset” section of this file
PS_OTPS_Indps_otps_indps_otps_indTextIndicates Personal Services or Other Than Personal Services
Agency Nameagency_nameagency_nameTextThe agency’s name
Agency Codeagency_codeagency_codeTextNumeric code for the agency
AgencyagencyagencyTextThe acronym of the agency’s name
Unit of Appropriationunit_of_appropriationunit_of_appropriationTextNumeric code for the unit of appropriation within the agency
Unit of Appropriation Nameunit_of_appropriation_nameunit_of_appropriation_nameTextName for the unit of appropriation within the agency
Modified Budget for FY20 as of June 2020 ($000,000)modified_budget_for_fy20modified_budget_for_fy20TextPlanned amounts in dollars for Fiscal 2020 as of June, 2020; figures reflect all funds

|Expenditures_ FY19 ($000,000)|expenditures_fy19_000_000|expenditures_fy19_000_000|Text|Fiscal 2019 expenditures in dollars as reported in the City’s Fiscal 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; figures reflect all funds|

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