FY2016-2017 Administrative Code 18-144 Park Maintenance Report Payroll Data

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FY2016-2017 Administrative Code 18-144 Park Maintenance Report Payroll Data

This data contains the payroll information for a subset of the NYC Parks responsible for park cleaning & maintenance, and was used to produce the FY2016 and FY2017 reports on Park Maintenance as required by Administrative Code 18-144. This report can be accessed at Data accuracy is limited by the scale and accuracy of the original sources.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
totalcosttotalcosttotalcostNumberThe total dollar amount paid per title, week and sector.
sector_namesector_namesector_nameTextThe name of the sector in which the property is located.
titletitletitleTextThe title of the staff associated with a given line of payroll information.
fiscal_qtrfiscal_qtrfiscal_qtrTextThe fiscal year followed by the fiscal quarter for a given record.
sector_descsector_descsector_descTextThe numbers of the Park Maintenance Districts that comprise the associated Sector
boroughboroughboroughTextUnique identification number for each borough, identified by borough/county (B = Brooklyn; M = Manhattan; Q = Queens; R = Richmond (Staten Island); X = Bronx) and followed by a number.
rel_weekrel_weekrel_weekNumberThe relative week of the fiscal year

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