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FY2017 PMMR Agency Resources

NYC agency resources from the FY17 Preliminary Mayor's Management Report (PMMR), including expenditures (includes all funds), personnel, revenue and paid overtime

<i>Use ‘CSV for Excel’ when downloading this dataset and then sort in alphabetical order by Agency.<i>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
FY15 Actualfy15_actualfy15_actualTextThe fiscal year actual for 2015 (July 2014 through June 2015)
FY17 (Sept. 2016 MMR Plan)fy17_sept_2016_mmr_planfy17_sept_2016_mmr_planTextFiscal 2017 plan from the September 2016 MMR
FY16 4-Month Actualfy16_4_month_actualfy16_4_month_actualText4-Month Actual FY16 (July through October 2015)
NotesnotesnotesTextAdditional information related to the indicator
FY17 4-Month Actualfy17_4_month_actualfy17_4_month_actualText4-Month Actual FY17 (July through October 2016)
Includes all Fundsincludes_all_fundsincludes_all_fundsTextExpenditures include all funds
Resource Indicatorsresource_indicatorsresource_indicatorsTextMeasures use of agency resources over the past five fiscal years and the planned resources available in the current and upcoming fiscal years
FY14 Actualfy14_actualfy14_actualTextThe fiscal year actual for 2014 (July 2013 through June 2014)
FY16 Actualfy16_actualfy16_actualTextThe fiscal year actual for 2016 (July 2015 through June 2016)
AgencyagencyagencyTextThe acronym of the agency’s name
FY17 Updated Plan from Jan. 2017 Financial Planfy17_updated_plan_from_jan_2017_financial_planfy17_updated_plan_from_jan_2017_financial_planTextUpdated Fiscal 2017 plans reflect the City’s January 2017 Financial Plan.
FY18 Plan from Jan. 2017 Financial Planfy18_plan_from_jan_2017_financial_planfy18_plan_from_jan_2017_financial_planTextFiscal 2018 plans reflect the City’s January 2017 Financial Plan.
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