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Greenbelt Native Plant Center Inventory

Greenbelt Native Plant Center Inventory

This dataset corresponds to a current availability of plant species in various containers being offered to clients of the Greenbelt Native Plant Center. Each line of data represents one instance of a particular plant species in a specific container size within the dataset. Data is generated using groware software application to export to an excel document. Data is updated ad hoc, depending on production and distribution needs (sometimes multiple times daily, other times 1xweekly or bi-weekly, for example). Data has not been geocoded, anonymized, etc to the best of my knowledge. The dataset changes to include new species that are grown and were not prevously distributed by GNPC. The dataset also has entries removed over time, as species are no longer grown. All fields are required.

Data dictionary:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ItemDescriptionitemdescriptionitemdescriptionTextPlant species and container size
ContainerSizecontainersizecontainersizeTextSize of container for plant species
ProductLineproductlineproductlineTextPlant type - Graminoid, Herbaceous, Tree, Shrub, etc
QuantityquantityquantityNumberNumber of Units per Tray
ItemNameitemnameitemnameTextSKU for item - combination of species code and container code
QuantityAvailablequantityavailablequantityavailableNumberCurrent available quantity in inventory
CommonNamecommonnamecommonnameTextCommon name of the plant species

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