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This data set features DCA inspections during the last and current calendar years to ensure compliance with local consumer protection and licensing laws, and State and federal regulations.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Street 2street_2street_2TextThe cross-street of the business’s address.
Inspection Dateinspection_dateinspection_dateCalendar dateDate when DCA conducted inspection.
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idTextAn identification number assigned by DCA to record each inspection. For DCA office tracking purposes.
CitycitycityTextThe city where the business is located.
ZipzipzipTextThe zip code where the business is located.
Building Numberbuilding_numberbuilding_numberTextThe building number of the business’s address.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberLatitude of business’s address.
Unit Typeunit_typeunit_typeTextThe unit type of the business’s address (e.g., Apartment/Suite/Other).
Inspection Resultinspection_resultinspection_resultTextResult of inspection (e.g., No Violation Issued, Violation Issued, Pass, Fail). Refer to Appendix A for details.
IndustryindustryindustryTextThe category that describes the business.
Business Namebusiness_namebusiness_nameTextPrimary Business Name
UnitunitunitTextThe unit number of the business.
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberLongitude of business’s address.
BoroughboroughboroughTextThe borough where the business is located.
StreetstreetstreetTextThe street name of the business’s address.
DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextAdditional details of the location of the business.
Certificate Numbercertificate_numbercertificate_numberTextCertificate number issued to the business upon inspection. Note that there may be multiple certificate numbers for a single inspection.
StatestatestateTextThe state where the business is located.
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