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MBPO Pedestrian Ramp Report

A survey of 248 street corner pedestrian ramps near accessible subway stations to determine ADA compliancy.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Objects Non-Compobjects_non_compobjects_non_compTextDetermines if the ramp is compliant or not
Slope Non-Compslope_non_compslope_non_compTextDetermines whether the slope is compliant or not
Led to Pot Hole?led_to_pot_holeled_to_pot_holeTextShows if the ramp led to a pot hole
CompliantcompliantcompliantTextDetermines if the ramp is compliant or not
Width Non-Compwidth_non_compwidth_non_compTextDetermines whether the width is compliant or not
Street 1street_1street_1TextFirst cross-street
StationstationstationTextSubway Station Name
Slope (1":12" or less)slope_1_12_or_lessslope_1_12_or_lessTextShows the measured slope of the ramp
Ramp Width (36" or more)ramp_width_36_or_moreramp_width_36_or_moreTextShows the ramp width if over 36 inches
Ramp ID (No Id means a part of center cut)ramp_id_no_id_means_a_partramp_id_no_id_means_a_partTextRamp ID [No ID means a part of center cut)
Street 2street_2street_2TextSecond cross-street
No Curb Cutno_curb_cutno_curb_cutTextDetails if there is no curb cut
Curb Cutcurb_cutcurb_cutTextCurb cut location in the intersection
Ramp looks relatively "new"?ramp_looks_relatively_newramp_looks_relatively_newTextShows whether the ramp looked like it was constructed recently
Detectable warnings?detectable_warningsdetectable_warningsTextShows if there are detectable warnings
Crumbling Non-Compcrumbling_non_compcrumbling_non_compTextDetermines if the concrete is compliant or not
Object barriers ?object_barriersobject_barriersTextShows is there were objects or barriers on the ramp
Lip Non-Complip_non_complip_non_compTextDetermines whether the lip is compliant or not
Warnings Non-Compwarnings_non_compwarnings_non_compTextDetermines if the warnings are compliant or not
Center Cutcenter_cutcenter_cutTextDetails whether the ramp is a center cut or not
Barriers above?barriers_abovebarriers_aboveTextShows if there were barriers leading to the ramp
Crumbling Concrete?crumbling_concretecrumbling_concreteTextShows if there was crumbling concrete
Pot Hole Non-Comppot_hole_non_comppot_hole_non_compTextDetermines whether the ramp is compliant or if it leads to a pot hole
Lip or Bump (1/4" or less)lip_or_bump_1_4_or_lesslip_or_bump_1_4_or_lessTextShows the size of the lip of the ramp
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