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NYC Condom Availability Program - Inactive HIV condom distribution locations

NYC Condom Availability Program - Inactive HIV condom distribution locations

This is a list of all in-active venues which were once listed on the NYC HealthMap. In-active venues may have been re-activated and now posted on the NYC HealthMap and within the “NYC Condom Availability Program HIV Condom Distribution Locations OpenData publication (


The NYC Condom Availability Program maintains a robust list of active venues where New York City (NYC) residents may access free safer sex products across all 5 boroughs of NYC. The active venue list can be found in OpenData by searching “Condoms” or using this hyperlink:

In accordance with NYC OpenData laws ( ) DOHMH publishes this list of venues which are no longer actively listed on the NYC HealthMap.

There are a variety of reasons a venue would be removed from the NYC HealthMap:

(1) Venue closed or changed ownership

(2) Venue no longer wishes to be advertised to the public

(3) Venue no longer distributes free safer sex products

(4) Venue was removed from the NYC HealthMap because they did not re-confirming that free safer sex products are available – this could also happen temporarily.

Data duplication w/ inactive sheet. There are many years of historical data available within this sheet. Users will notice that many of those rows are duplicates. There are many reasons behind this; chiefly because data is refreshed hourly within DOHMH systems—causing a long historic trail of updated data.

This dataset does not represent all locations which received orders of free safer sex products from NYC DOHMH nor have the listed venues locations been endorsed by NYC DOHMH.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PartnerTypepartnertypepartnertypeTextIndicates the type of organization the venue is. (See Data Dictionary for details)
ThursdaythursdaythursdayTextHours of Operation
PhonephonephoneTextPhone number of service location
NTAntantaTextNeighborhood Tabulation Areas (formerly Neighborhood Projection Areas") created by NYC Planning.
EndDateenddateenddateDateDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
FacilityNamefacilitynamefacilitynameTextThe name of the condom distribution partner
CouncilDistrictcouncildistrictcouncildistrictTextNYC City Council District Number
AdditionalInfoadditionalinfoadditionalinfoTextFree safer sex product location notes-- possibly instructing HealthMap users where inside the venue they may find safer sex products or about other services offered at that venue.
TuesdaytuesdaytuesdayTextHours of Operation
WednesdaywednesdaywednesdayTextHours of Operation
SaturdaysaturdaysaturdayTextHours of Operation
PartnerTypeDetailedpartnertypedetailedpartnertypedetailedTextDependent picklist indicating further detail about the type of organizaiton the venue is.
BuildingNumberbuildingnumberbuildingnumberTextIndicates the type of organization the venue is. (See Data Dictionary for more detail)
CommunityBoardcommunityboardcommunityboardTextNYC Community Board number
SundaysundaysundayTextHours of Operation
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough of service location
LubricantlubricantlubricantTextType of safer sex product; TRUE= available. FALSE= not available
BINbinbinTextNYC Building Identification Number
Condoms (Male)condoms_malecondoms_maleTextType of safer sex product; TRUE= available. FALSE= not available
Service Categoryservice_categoryservice_categoryTextSpecific health service available as indicated on NYC HealthMap
MondaymondaymondayTextHours of Operation
AddressaddressaddressTextFull street address of service location.
ZipcodezipcodezipcodeTextZipcode of service location
Service Typeservice_typeservice_typeTextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
Facility Typefacility_typefacility_typeTextCategory of health service as indicated on NYC HealthMap
CensusTractcensustractcensustractTextCenus tract number.
FridayfridayfridayTextHours of Operation
FC2 (Female/Insertive Condoms)fc2_female_insertive_condomsfc2_female_insertive_condomsTextType of safer sex product; TRUE= available. FALSE= not available
Address 2address2address2TextDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
BBLbblbblTextNYC borough, block and lot-- unique identifier for every property in NYC.
StartDatestartdatestartdateDateDOHMH's NYC HealthMap field-- empty
WebsitewebsitewebsiteTextWebsite of service location
FacilityPKfacilitypkfacilitypkTextDOHMH autogenerated facility key ID.

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