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Parks Closure Status Due to COVID-19: Adult Exercise Equipment

Parks Closure Status Due to COVID-19: Adult Exercise Equipment

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NYC Parks temporarily closed several amenities, including Adult Exercise Equipment. This data collection contains the status of each Adult Exercise Equipment, and is subject to change. Although the data feed is refreshed daily, it may not reflect current conditions.

Data Dictionary:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PropNumpropnumpropnumTextUnique identification number for the property the equipment is within
FeatureTypefeaturetypefeaturetypeTextType of feature.
StatusstatusstatusTextIndicates whether the adult exercise equipment is still active and open to the public, has been closed to observe COVID-19 social distancing, has been reopened following COVID-19 closure, or is under construction.
PropIDpropidpropidTextUnique identification number for a property or portion of a property. In some cases – a standalone, smaller park for example – this number will be equivalent to the GIS Property Number. In other cases – a zone, playground or other site within a larger park – an additional designation of letters and/or numbers will be added.
Police Precincts:@computed_region_sbqj_enih:@computed_region_sbqj_enihNumber
Zip Codes:@computed_region_efsh_h5xi:@computed_region_efsh_h5xiNumber
Community Districts:@computed_region_f5dn_yrer:@computed_region_f5dn_yrerNumber
Borough Boundaries:@computed_region_yeji_bk3q:@computed_region_yeji_bk3qNumber
City Council Districts:@computed_region_92fq_4b7q:@computed_region_92fq_4b7qNumber
ClosureTypeclosuretypeclosuretypeTextIndicates the type of closure
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough in which the equipment is located.
SiteNamesitenamesitenameTextThe name of the subproperty the equipment is within
pointpointpointPointLocation (POINT) of adult equipment
PropNamepropnamepropnameTextThe name of the property the equipment is within
EditDateeditdateeditdateCalendar dateLast edited date
Approx Date Reopenedapprox_date_reopenedapprox_date_reopenedCalendar dateDate Adult Exercise Equipment reopened from Covid closure
Approx Date Closedapprox_date_closedapprox_date_closedCalendar dateApproximate date Adult Exercise Equipment closed because of Covid

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