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Parks Closure Status Due to COVID-19: Athletic Facilities

Parks Closure Status Due to COVID-19: Athletic Facilities

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NYC Parks temporarily closed several amenities, including Athletic Facilities (e.g. basketball courts, tennis courts, fields, etc.). This data collection contains the status of each Athletic Facility, and is subject to change. Although the data feed is refreshed daily, it may not reflect current conditions.

Data Dictionary:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
OMPPropIDomppropidomppropidTextUnique identification number for a property or portion of a property. In some cases – a standalone, smaller park for example – this number will be equivalent to the GIS Property Number. In other cases – a zone, playground or other site within a larger park – an additional designation of letters and/or numbers will be added.
EditDateeditdateeditdateCalendar dateLast edited date
CEMSPermittablecemspermittablecemspermittableCheckboxIndicates whether the Athoetic Facility is available for permitting through the Citywide Event Management System (CEMS)
ParkDistrictparkdistrictparkdistrictTextName of the Parks maintenance district that contains the Athletic Facility.
Approx Date Closedapprox_date_closedapprox_date_closedCalendar dateApproximate date Athletic Facility closed because of Covid
GISPropNumgispropnumgispropnumTextUnique identification number for the property the Athletic Facility is within
polygonpolygonpolygonPolygonLocation (POLYGON) of athletic facility
Yellow Sign Removedyellow_sign_removedyellow_sign_removedCheckboxIndicates whether a yellow sign dictating no group play was removed
SubPropertyNamesubpropertynamesubpropertynameTextThe Name of the subproperty (Zone or Playground) that the feature falls within
PrimarySportprimarysportprimarysportTextThe main usage sport for the athletic facility, the sport it was designed or is maintained for
Nets/Rims/Goals Addednets_rims_goals_addednets_rims_goals_addedCheckboxIndicates whether nets, rims, or goals were added back to an athletic facility
ClosureTypeclosuretypeclosuretypeTextIndicates the type of closure
StatusstatusstatusTextIndicates whether the athletic facility is still active and open to the public, has been closed to observe COVID-19 social distancing, has been reopened following COVID-19 closure, or is under construction.
DimensionsdimensionsdimensionsTextThe dimensions of the Athletic Facility
FieldNumberfieldnumberfieldnumberTextThe number of the athletic facility, if a field has a physical sign with a number on it, this is that number, but not all fields have physical signs
Red Sign Installedred_sign_installedred_sign_installedCheckboxIndicates whether a red closed sign was installed
PropertyNamepropertynamepropertynameTextThe name of the property the Athletic Facility is within
Approx Date Reopenedapprox_date_reopenedapprox_date_reopenedCalendar dateDate Athletic Facility reopened from Covid closure
SystemsystemsystemTextInternal unique identifier for the Athletic Facility
BoroughboroughboroughTextBorough in which the athletic facility is located.
SurfaceTypesurfacetypesurfacetypeTextThe playing surface of the Athletic Facility
NamenamenameTextThe name of the Athletic Facility
Approx Date Nets/Rims/Goals Addedapprox_date_nets_rims_goals_addedapprox_date_nets_rims_goals_addedCalendar dateIndicates date of reinstallation of net, rim, or goal to an athletic facility
Nets/Rims/Goals Removednets_rims_goals_removednets_rims_goals_removedCheckboxIndicates whether the nets, rims, or goals were removed from the facility

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