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Payments Received for DCA Fines and Fees

Payments received from businesses for DCA fines and fees such as violations and license application fees.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PAYMENT DATEpayment_datepayment_dateTextDate when the payment was applied to the record.
RECORD IDrecord_idrecord_idTextAn identification number assigned by DCA for internal tracking purposes
TRANSACTION TYPEtransaction_typetransaction_typeTextThe type of transaction indicating whether payment was received, refunded, or voided.
BUSINESS NAMEbusiness_namebusiness_nameTextPrimary business or Individual name.
FEE TYPEfee_typefee_typeTextThe code associated with the DCA fine or fee.
PAYMENT AMOUNTpayment_amountpayment_amountNumberDollar amount of the payment received.
INDUSTRYindustryindustryTextThe category that describes the business.
FEE DESCRIPTIONfee_descriptionfee_descriptionTextThe description associated with the DCA fine or fee.
RECORD DYPErecord_dyperecord_dypeTextThe type of record used by DCA to track internal operations.
FEE SEQUENCE IDfee_sequence_idfee_sequence_idNumberThe unique system-generated identification number for the DCA fine or fee.
BUSINESS NAME2business_name2business_name2TextIf applicable, the Doing-Business-As (DBA), or trade name.
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