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Register of Community Board Budget Requests

Register of Community Board Budget Requests

This dataset reports each of the projects and programs requested by the City’s 59 community boards. The Register is the charter mandated product of a dynamic and cyclical budget process for the 59 community boards. The community boards consult with agencies on the capital and expense needs of the district. After consulting, each community board develops and votes separate priorities for up to 40 capital and 25 expense budget requests which the agencies review and respond to in the Register of Community Board Requests for the Preliminary Budget in January. The Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reviews these same budget requests and updates the responses for the Executive and Adopted Budgets


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Numberaddress_noaddress_noTextHouse Number
Cross Street 1cross_street_1cross_street_1TextSegment or Stretch Street
Site Streetsite_streetsite_streetTextSegment or Stretch Street
Responsible Agencyresponsible_agencyresponsible_agencyTextResponsible Agency for the project or program
Responded Byresponded_byresponded_byTextAgencies respond in Preliminary budget
Tracking Codetracking_codetracking_codeTextUnique code assigned to each request
Council Districtcouncil_disctrictcouncil_disctrictNumber
Support by 2support_by_2support_by_2TextPerson(s) or organization supporting request
Support by 1support_by_1support_by_1TextPerson(s) or organization supporting request
ResponseresponseresponseTextCodes to get agency or OMB response text- Preliminary
ExplanationexplanationexplanationTextReason for request
RequestrequestrequestTextThe request text
BoroughboroboroTextBoards's borough code
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumber
LotlotlotTextLot within Block
BlockblockblockTextBlock within borough
PriorityprioritypriorityTextPriority assigned to request by the board
Community BoardboardboardTextBoard's number within borough
PublicationpublicationpublicationTextBudget publication date
StreetstreetstreetTextStreet Name
Cross Street 2cross_street_2cross_street_2TextSegment or Stretch Street

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