Water Consumption And Cost (2013 - 2020)

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Water Consumption And Cost (2013 - 2020)

Monthly consumption and cost data by borough and development. Data set includes utility vendor and meter information.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Current Chargescurrent_chargescurrent_chargesNumberTotal costs
Development Namedevelopment_namedevelopment_nameTextThe name of the housing development as listed in the Development Data Book.
Vendor Namevendor_namevendor_nameTextUtility vendor name
Other Chargesother_chargesother_chargesNumberTotal other charges
Funding Sourcefunding_sourcefunding_sourceText"The development’s funding source including Federal, Mixed Finance, or an indication that the facility is a non development facility which means a non residential facility."
Meter Numbermeter_numbermeter_numberTextMeter number
Bill Analyzedbill_analyzedbill_analyzedTextThe bill was analyzed for billing errors by NYCHA's Utility Management system during the billing period
EstimatedestimatedestimatedTextMeter was not read for the time period. The consumption and cost are estimated. (Data is updated with actual reads once the meter is read)
# daysdaysdaysNumberNumber of days on bill
BoroughboroughboroughTextBronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island.
LocationlocationlocationText"Building number. In order to run an analysis by building, you can use a combination of TDS and building number which gives a unique identifier for each building"
TDS #tdstdsTextTDS (Tenant Data System) number is the unique identifier for all NCYHA developments. It is recommended to use it in order to run analysis by development. The TDS is also the unique link between NYCHA data sets.
Meter Scopemeter_scopemeter_scopeTextThe buildings or areas the account and meter supply
EDPedpedpNumberNYCHA Electronic Data Processing. Number used to identify individual NYCHA developments. EDP is used by NYCHA only to link data issued from a different system (the energy management system that was used by NYCHA before 2010). It is recommended to use the TDS # as a unique identifier of each development.
Consumption (HCF)consumption_hcfconsumption_hcfNumberTotal HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) consumption
RC Coderc_coderc_codeText"NYCHA budget responsibility code. Code representing a specific development. "
AMP #ampampTextAbbreviation for Asset Management Project (AMP) numbers. HUD Development asset tracking number. An AMP number can consist of more than one development.
UMIS BILL IDumis_bill_idumis_bill_idNumber
Revenue Monthrevenue_monthrevenue_monthTextYear and month of bill: 2016-01
Service Start Dateservice_start_dateservice_start_dateCalendar dateBill start date
Service End Dateservice_end_dateservice_end_dateCalendar dateBill end date
Water&Sewer Chargeswater_sewer_chargeswater_sewer_chargesNumberTotal water & sewer charges
Meter AMRmeter_amrmeter_amrTextIs the meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Interval or none
Rate Classrate_classrate_classTextThe rate applied to the account. Details about each rate (dollar value) are available on the vendor web site.
Account Nameaccount_nameaccount_nameTextThe name of the housing development as listed in the Development Data Boo

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