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State Retail Marijuana Sales Tax Revenue by City in Colorado

State Retail Marijuana Sales Tax Revenue by City in Colorado

Revenues from the statewide tax on recreational and medical marijuana for cities by month. These revenues are not the same as the revenue from the statewide sales tax (2.9%). See long description for more details.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MonthmonthmonthNumberMonth of record
YearyearyearNumberYear of record
MunicipalitymunicipalitymunicipalityTextName of city/municipality of record
Tax_Revtax_revtax_revNumberTax revenue in dollars retained by the municipality in month and year of record
RetainedByCity_PercentOfTotalTaxretainedbycityretainedbycityNumberPercent of total tax (Rec_SpecialSalesTax_Amount) retained by municipality
Rec_SpecialSalesTax_Amountrec_specialsalestax_amountrec_specialsalestax_amountNumberTax rate applied to marijuana sales, statewide special tax
Combined_Local_Govscombined_local_govscombined_local_govsTextList of local governments that makeup Municipalities designated as "Combined Local Governments"
NotesnotesnotesTextFootnotes from raw data
NR_Codenr_codenr_codeTextContains "NR" for cities that were designated as "NR" (not reported) at time of report due to customer personal information

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