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All City Funds - FY18

Balance of all Funds for the City of Los Angeles for Fiscal Year 2018. Includes General Fund, Reserve Fund, Budget Stabilization Fund, and Special Funds.

For up-to-date figures, please view the All City Funds dataset at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Contact Namecontact_namecontact_nameTextDepartmental contact name
Contact Emailcontact_emailcontact_emailTextContact's email address
Contact Telephonecontact_telephonecontact_telephoneTextContact's telephone number
Budget Schedule Namebudget_schedule_namebudget_schedule_nameTextName of the budget schedule found in the City's budget
Code Sectioncode_sectioncode_sectionTextAdministrative Code section
Last Expense Recordedlast_expense_recordedlast_expense_recordedTextLast expense transaction recorded
Idle Fund Recommendationsidle_fund_recommendationsidle_fund_recommendationsTextIdle Fund Report Recommendations
Idle Fund Notesidle_fund_notesidle_fund_notesTextIdle Fund Report Notes
Beginning Cashbeginning_cashbeginning_cashNumberBeginning cash balance for the fiscal year
FunctionfunctionfunctionTextFunction of the fund: Arts/Culture/Tourism, Debt Service, Economic Development, Sanitation & Environment, Other, Housing & Homelessness, Parks, Public Safety, Public Works, Social Services, Streets, and Transportation
Adopted Budgetadopted_budgetadopted_budgetNumberBudget adopted by the Mayor and City Council
Capital Projectcapital_projectcapital_projectText(Internal Field) Is fund used for capital projects?
IdleidleidleCheckboxIs fund idle?
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberThe time period for the City budget which begins July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.
Inactive Fund - Closeinactive_fund_closeinactive_fund_closeTextIs this an inactive fund? Default is no.
Total Budgettotal_budgettotal_budgetNumberTotal budget
Administering Departmentadministering_departmentadministering_departmentTextDepartment administering the fund
Department Numberdepartment_numberdepartment_numberNumberFinancial Management System department number
Fund Typefund_typefund_typeTextAgency, Capital Projects, Debt Service, Enterprise, General Fund, Pension Trust, General Long Term Debt Group or Special Revenue
Fund Groupfund_groupfund_groupTextFiduciary, Governmental, Proprietary
Other Cash Changesother_cash_changesother_cash_changesNumberNet of other transactions that increase or decrease the cash balance
Cash Expensescash_expensescash_expensesNumberCash disbursed in the current fiscal year.
Budget Amendmentsbudget_amendmentsbudget_amendmentsNumberAmendments to the budget adopted by the Mayor and City Council
Years Since Last Expenditureyears_since_last_expenditureyears_since_last_expenditureTextNumber of years from last expense recorded more than three years as of June 30, 2017
Sources of Fundssources_of_fundssources_of_fundsTextRevenue source for this fund
Fund Categoryfund_categoryfund_categoryTextGeneral Fund, Special Fund, Proprietary
AssetsassetsassetsNumber(A) Total Assets include Cash, Grant Receivables, and Other Assets
Fund Purposefund_purposefund_purposeTextPurpose and intent of the fund
Fund Namefund_namefund_nameTextFinancial Management System fund name
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextCity Council District
Budget Schedule Numberbudget_schedule_numberbudget_schedule_numberTextFunds with a schedule number have revenue and expenditure budgets reviewed and approved by the Mayor and City Council. Funds without a schedule number are considered "off-budget" since their budgets are not reviewed and approved by the Mayor and City Council.
Council File Numbercouncil_file_numbercouncil_file_numberTextCity Council file number authorizing the fund
Date Fund Establisheddate_fund_establisheddate_fund_establishedTextMayor and City Council approval date
Interest to General Fundinterest_to_general_fundinterest_to_general_fundTextInterest eligible for the General Fund?
Overhead Costs Reimbursement Eligibilityoverhead_costs_reimbursementoverhead_costs_reimbursementTextFund is subject to overhead reimbursement costs
Replacement of General Funds Allowedreplacement_of_general_fundsreplacement_of_general_fundsTextReplacement of General Fund is allowed
Fund Balancefund_balancefund_balanceNumber(C) where (C=A-B) - Total Assets minus Total Liabilities
Ending Cash Balanceending_cash_balanceending_cash_balanceNumberCash Balance
Collected Revenuecollected_revenuecollected_revenueNumberRevenue collected in the current fiscal year.
Fund Numberfund_numberfund_numberTextFinancial Management System fund number
Grant Projectgrant_projectgrant_projectCheckboxIs the fund associated with a grant?
General Fund Reversiongeneral_fund_reversiongeneral_fund_reversionTextIs the fund subject to General Fund reversion?
Ordinance Numberordinance_numberordinance_numberTextOrdinance number used to establish the fund
LiabilitiesliabilitiesliabilitiesNumber(B) Total Liabilities against the fund
Council File Linkcouncil_file_linkcouncil_file_linkURLCouncil file link information
Eligible Useseligible_useseligible_usesTextEligible uses for the fund
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