City Employee Payroll (2013-2018)

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City Employee Payroll (2013-2018)

Note this dataset is no longer being updated. Please use the updated payroll dataset with current pay year information:

Payroll information for all Los Angeles City Employees including the City's three proprietary departments: Water and Power, Airports and Harbor. Data is updated on a quarterly basis by the Los Angeles City Controller's Office. Payroll information for employees of the Department of Water and Power is provided by the Department.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Job Class Titlejob_class_titlejob_class_titleText
FMS Departmentfms_departmentfms_departmentTextDepartment number in City Financial Management System
Job Class Linkjob_class_linkjob_class_linkURLClick this hyperlink to view the job class description
Total Paymentstotal_paymentstotal_paymentsNumberTotal earnings for the year
Q4 Paymentsq4_paymentsq4_paymentsNumberPayments for the fourth quarter of the year from October 1 to December 31
Q3 Paymentsq3_paymentsq3_paymentsNumberPayments for the third quarter of the year from July 1 to September 30
Q2 Paymentsq2_paymentsq2_paymentsNumberPayments for the second quarter of the year from April 1 to June 30
Q1 Paymentsq1_paymentsq1_paymentsNumberPayments for the first quarter of the year from January 1 to March 31
Hourly or Event Ratehourly_or_event_ratehourly_or_event_rateNumberHourly Earnings Rate or Per Event Rate based on Projected Annual Salary
Lump Sum Paylump_sum_paylump_sum_payNumberLump sum payouts for special purposes - retirement payouts, back pay, etc.; typically not pensionable
Benefits Planbenefits_planbenefits_planText
Longevity Bonus Paylongevity_bonus_paylongevity_bonus_payNumberPayments attributable to years of service; typically pensionable
Temporary Bonus Paytemporary_bonus_paytemporary_bonus_payNumberPayments attributable to temporary bonuses; typically not pensionable
MOUmoumouTextMemorandum of Understanding
Job Classjob_classjob_classText
Row IDrow_idrow_idTextUnique Identifier for each row
Payroll Departmentpayroll_departmentpayroll_departmentTextDepartment Number in City Payroll System
Other Pay (Payroll Explorer)pay_other_actualpay_other_actualNumberOther Pay includes bonuses, adjustments, and lump sum payouts. Examples of bonuses include Permanent, Longevity, and Temporary Bonuses. Lump Sum Pay includes significant one-time payouts due to retirement, lawsuit settlements, or other adjustments
Average Benefit Costaverage_benefit_costaverage_benefit_costNumberThe total average City contribution for the employee's health care, dental care and life insurance
Average Basic Lifeaverage_basic_lifeaverage_basic_lifeNumberAverage cost to the City to provide basic life insurance to the employee
% Over Base Paypercent_over_base_paypercent_over_base_payNumberPercentage of payment in excess of Base Pay which may include bonuses and other payouts
Overtime Payovertime_payovertime_payNumberPayments attributable to hours worked beyond regular work schedule
Other Pay & Adjustmentsother_pay_adjustmentsother_pay_adjustmentsNumberPayments based on other pay codes or adjustments that do not fall into another category
MOU Titlemou_titlemou_titleTextTitle of Memorandum of Understanding
Average Health Costaverage_health_costaverage_health_costNumberAverage cost to the City to provide health care to the employee
Average Dental Costaverage_dental_costaverage_dental_costNumberAverage cost to the City to provide dental care to the employee
Projected Annual Salaryprojected_annual_salaryprojected_annual_salaryNumberBudgeted pay amount. Used for pension contribution calculations
YearyearyearNumberCalendar Year
Payments Over Base Paypayments_over_base_paypayments_over_base_payNumberPayments in excess of Base Pay which may include bonuses and other payouts
Base Paybase_paybase_payNumberBase compensation for hours worked
Permanent Bonus Paypermanent_bonus_paypermanent_bonus_payNumberPayments attributable to permanent bonuses; typically pensionable
Record Numberrecord_numberrecord_numberText
Department Titledepartment_titledepartment_titleTextTitle of City Department
Pay Gradepay_gradepay_gradeTextPay Grade for the Job Class
Employment Typeemployment_typeemployment_typeTextEmployment Type - Full Time, Part Time, or Per Event

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