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Accused Pre-Trial Inmates in Correctional Facilities

A listing, updated nightly, of individuals being held in Department of Correction facilities while awaiting trial. This data is appended on nightly basis reflecting the individual inmates being held in correctional facilities each day beginning July 1, 2016.

Field Descriptions:

DOWNLOAD DATE: Date in which the data were extracted and reflecting the population for that day.

IDENITIFIER: Individual Inmate Identifier

LATEST ADMISSION DATE: Most recent date in which the inmate has been admitted. In some instances, this may reflect an original date of admission to a correctional facility. Generally, if a date is more than one year old, an inmate should not be considered to have been held for the entire duration of that time.

RACE: Race of inmate

AGE: Age of inmate

BOND AMOUNT: Amount of bond for which the inmate is being held. In some instances, for particularly low (less than $100), this bond amount may be considered a place holder value

OFFENSE: Controlling offense for which the bond amount has been set.

FACILITY: Department of Correction facility where the inmate is currently held.

DETAINER: Denotes whether inmate is being held at the request of another criminal justice agency, or if another agency is to be notified upon release.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BOND AMOUNTbond_amountbond_amountNumber
LATEST ADMISSION DATElatest_admission_datelatest_admission_dateCalendar date
DOWNLOAD DATEdownload_datedownload_dateCalendar date
  • accused_pretrial_inmates_in_correctional
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