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DSS Township Counts - by Age - CY 2017

DSS CY 2017 Town counts - Number of people enrolled in DSS services in the calendar year 2017, by township and age group.

NOTE: On April 22, 2019 the methodology for determining HUSKY A Newborn recipients changed, which caused an increase of recipients for that benefit starting in October 2016. We now count recipients recorded in the ImpaCT system as well as in the HIX system for that assistance type, instead using HIX exclusively.

Also, the methodology for determining the address of the recipients changed:

  1. The address of a recipient in the ImpaCT system is now correctly determined specific to that month instead of using the address of the most recent month. This resulted in some shuffling of the recipients among townships starting in October 2016.

  2. If, in a given month, a recipient has benefit records in both the HIX system and in the ImpaCT system, the address of the recipient is now calculated as follows to resolve conflicts: Use the residential address in ImpaCT if it exists, else use the mailing address in ImpaCT if it exists, else use the address in HIX. This resulted in a reduction in counts for most townships starting in March 2017 because a single address is now used instead of two when the systems do not agree.

NOTE: On February 14 2019, the enrollment counts for 2012-2015 across all programs were updated to account for an error in the data integration process. As a result, the count of the number of people served increased by 13% for 2012, 10% for 2013, 8% for 2014 and 4% for 2015. Counts for 2016, 2017 and 2018 remain unchanged.

NOTE: On 1/16/2019 these counts were revised to count a recipient in all locations that recipient resided in that year.

NOTE: On 1/1/2019 the counts were revised to count a recipient in only one town per year even when the recipient moved within the year. The most recent address is used.


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