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Animal Inventory Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022

Animal Inventory Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022

This dataset is pulled directly from Dallas Animal Services' Chameleon Database, which is used to track shelter and field operations, animal inventory and movement, animal intake and outcome, animal medical records, animal behavior observations, and animal microchip information. This dataset reflects data from October 1, 2021 to current-date and will close September 30, 2022. Data is subject to correction after the fact if data entry errors are detected or changes are made to fields within the database and therefore, data can have slight variances over time. Dallas Animal Services (DAS) will not be responsible for any error or omission, or for the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this dataset. DAS publishes official monthly data fact sheets with verified data on its website at www.bedallas90.org.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Animal_Stay_Daysanimal_stay_daysanimal_stay_daysNumberNumber of days an animal has been in the care of DAS.
Impound_Numberimpound_numberimpound_numberTextUnique number assigned to each impound performed by DAS staff; each impound can include multiple animals.
Outcome_Typeoutcome_typeoutcome_typeTextFinal outcome of the animal if they are no longer under the care of DAS at the time of the report.
Due_Outdue_outdue_outCalendar dateDate the animal's stray hold expires and animal will be available for non-return to owner outcomes; date DAS has full ownership of the animal based on city ordinance.
Census_Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractTextUnique area mapped out by the federal government for purposes of the census.
Additional_Informationadditional_informationadditional_informationTextAdditional staff notes.
Service_Request_Numberservice_request_numberservice_request_numberTextUnique number assigned to a service request by Salesforce when it is submitted by a resident through 3-1-1.
Intake_Subtypeintake_subtypeintake_subtypeTextAdditional categorization of purpose of intake; used primarily to analyze intake trends.
Council_Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextUnique area mapped out by the City of Dallas that is represented by a specific City Council Office and Member.
Kennel_Numberkennel_numberkennel_numberTextLocation of the animal at the time of the report
Animal_Breedanimal_breedanimal_breedTextBreed of the animal; typically a visual breed estimation.
Outcome_Conditionoutcome_conditionoutcome_conditionTextApparent medical condition of the animal when it was released from DAS.
Intake_Timeintake_timeintake_timeTextTime the animal was intaken by DAS.
Receipt_Numberreceipt_numberreceipt_numberTextUnique number assigned to a financial transaction in the database.
Intake_Typeintake_typeintake_typeTextType or purpose of intake; used primarily to analyze intake trends.
Hold_Requesthold_requesthold_requestTextRouting or pathway identified for the animal at the time of the report. Pathways are used to move animals towards the outcome management recommends at the time based on behavior, medical condition, and history. Pathways are reviewed and updated frequently as an animal's behavior or medical condition changes.
ReasonreasonreasonTextReason that an animal was surrendered to or brought to DAS.
Outcome_Timeoutcome_timeoutcome_timeTextTime the animal was outcomed by DAS / left DAS' care.
Activity_Numberactivity_numberactivity_numberTextUnique number assigned to an activity related to a service request.
Intake_Dateintake_dateintake_dateCalendar dateDate the animal was intaken by DAS.
Staff_Idstaff_idstaff_idTextUnique ID number assigned to the staff person who entered the record.
Activity_Sequenceactivity_sequenceactivity_sequenceNumberSequence starts with 1 usually then a follow up sequence is created until activity is completed.
Source_Idsource_idsource_idTextPerson who initiated the intake.
Chip_Statuschip_statuschip_statusTextNotates whether staff were successful in scanning animal for a microchip.
Intake_Conditionintake_conditionintake_conditionTextApparent medical condition of the animal when it was taken in by DAS.
Animal_Originanimal_originanimal_originTextNotates whether the animal came in through DAS' Pet Support Lobby (Over the Counter) or through Field Services (Field).
YearyearyearTextCity of Dallas Fiscal Year the record was created.
Animal_Idanimal_idanimal_idTextUnique number assigned to each animal when their record is created in the database.
Kennel_Statuskennel_statuskennel_statusTextAvailability of the animal.
Animal_Typeanimal_typeanimal_typeTextAnimal category: dog, cat, wildlife, other, etc.
MonthmonthmonthTextMonth the record was created.
Outcome_Dateoutcome_dateoutcome_dateTextDate the animal was outcomed by DAS / left DAS' care.

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