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Dallas Animal Shelter Data Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017

Dallas Animal Shelter Data Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017

Dallas Animal Shelter Data pertains to operational processes carried out by shelter personnel who assist citizens by receiving surrendered and stray animals, facilitating adoptions, transferring animals to rescue groups, and providing care to the animals in the shelter every day. Shelter personnel document their work using Chameleon software, an animal shelter management program. The Dallas Animal Shelter Data is updated daily to help citizens better understanding the operational processes that the shelter personnel perform daily for the animals and citizens of the City of Dallas. “Helping Dallas be a safe, compassionate, and healthy place for people and animals”. The start date is October 01, 2016


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Hold Requesthold_requesthold_requestTextThis contains any requests that have been made concerning the animal
Intake Conditionintake_conditionintake_conditionTextThe condition of the animal when it is impounded with respect to the Asilomar Accord
MonthmonthsmonthsTextAdded column to improve visualization of activities by month
Tag Typetag_typetag_typeTextTypes of the tags include but may not be limited to microchip, rabies, and/or registration tag that is assign by DAS
Intake Typeintake_typeintake_typeTextReason why the animal was impounded
Staff IDstaff_idstaff_idTextImpounding staff initials
ReasonreasonreasonTextReason provided by the animal's owners as to why they are giving up their pet to DAS
Animal Breedanimal_breedanimal_breedTextAnimal breed or wildlife animal
Intake Dateintake_dateintake_dateCalendar dateThe date of impoundment or when the animal was admitted into the shelter
Activity Sequenceactivity_sequenceactivity_sequenceNumberThis represents the sequence for the activity/call, and one activity/call can have multiple sequence.
Additional Informationadditional_informationadditional_informationTextStaffs comments and notes related to services provided to specific animals at various stages
Animal Originanimal_originanimal_originTextComments related to the origin of the animal impounded
Kennel Numberkennel_numberkennel_numberTextKennel number in which the animal is housed at the shelter
Service Request Numberservice_request_numberservice_request_numberTextNumber auto generated by 3-1-1 when a call comes in for services
Outcome Timeoutcome_timeoutcome_timeTextThe time of the outcome of the animal
Due Outdue_outdue_outCalendar dateDate at which the animal is due for review
Impound Numberimpound_numberimpound_numberTextAuto generated number by the Chameleon software for record keeping
Animal IDanimal_idanimal_idTextSystem auto generated number, unique to every animal impounded
Activity Numberactivity_numberactivity_numberTextAuto generated number assigned to a field animal rescued from field incidents to the shelter
Source IDsource_idsource_idTextAuto generated number assigned to a person who found the animal, turned the animal in or the person from whom DAS picked up the animal
Outcome Conditionoutcome_conditionoutcome_conditionTextThe condition of the animal when the animal leaves the shelter with respect to the Asilomar Accord
YearyearyearTextAdded column to improve visualization of activities for specific fiscal years
Intake Subtypeintake_subtypeintake_subtypeTextsub-reason or detailed reason why the animal was impounded
Chip Statuschip_statuschip_statusTextResults of animal being scanned for microchip
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextCouncil District number where the animal was reported/found
Outcome Dateoutcome_dateoutcome_dateCalendar dateThe date of the outcome of the animal
Receipt Numberreceipt_numberreceipt_numberTextAuto generated number by Chameleon when a transaction occurs, such as adoption or redemption
Animal Typeanimal_typeanimal_typeTextIntake details about the type of animal a the shelter
Outcome Typeoutcome_typeoutcome_typeTextFinal disposition of the animal
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractTextCensus tract numbers
Kennel Statuskennel_statuskennel_statusTextStatus of the animal during its stay at the shelter; depends on the services provided to the animal during its stay at the shelter
Intake Timeintake_timeintake_timeTextThe time at which the animal was impounded or admitted into the shelter

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