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City Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions

City Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This data set contains the data behind the Corporate GHG Emissions Measure on the Citizens' Dashboard.

The City monitors greenhouse gas emissions from its corporate operations as part of its commitment to lead the community in reducing emissions and ensuring Edmontonians live in an environmentally sustainable city.

Staff calculate city operations' greenhouse gas emissions using international standards. These standards include tracking emissions from the city's vehicle and bus fleets and LRT trains, natural gas used to heat City-owned buildings and recreation facilities, electricity used, and emissions resulting from services such as water, solid waste and wastewater treatment.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Net GHGs (Million Tonnes CO2e)net_ghgs_million_tonnes_co2enet_ghgs_million_tonnes_co2eNumber
Renewable Energy Credits (Million Tonnes)renewable_energy_certificates_purchasedrenewable_energy_certificates_purchasedNumberThis column identifies the greenhouse gas emissions offset by the renewable energy certificates (or RECs) purchased by the City of Edmonton in the calendar year identified.
Urban Forest Sequestration (Million Tonnes CO2e)urbanforest_tonnes_sequesteredurbanforest_tonnes_sequesteredNumberThe ornamental trees managed by the City of Edmonton sequester carbon dioxide as they grow. in this way, they reduce the total volume of greenhouse gas emitted as a result of City operations. This column identifies the quantity sequestered solely by approximately 800,000 trees cared for by the City of Edmonton in the calendar year identified. It does not include the natural vegetation that is not managed by the City; instead this is included in the community greenhouse gas inventory.
YEARyearyearTextThe calendar year in which the greenhouse gases reported were emitted.
Net GHGs Per Capita (tonnes / Person)net_ghgs_per_capita_tonnes_personnet_ghgs_per_capita_tonnes_personNumber
Total GHGs Per Capita (tonnes / person)total_ghgs_per_capita_tonnes_persontotal_ghgs_per_capita_tonnes_personNumber
Total GHGs Released (Million Tonnes CO2e)actual_dataactual_dataNumberTonnes of greenhouse gas equivalents emitted during this calendar year, including scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, tonnes sequestered by urban forest and Renewable Energy Certificates purchased.
DATEperiodperiodCalendar dateThe last day of the reporting period.

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