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Edmonton Crime Severity Index

Edmonton Crime Severity Index

Edmonton Crime Severity Index measures the severity of crime in Edmonton. It accounts for Edmonton’s population, the number of crimes occurring, and the seriousness of the crimes. Data is based on crimes reported to the Edmonton

Police Service (EPS) and submitted to Statistics Canada using UCR2 data (uniform-crime-reporting). UCR2 is a national data format that all police services use to allow for cross-jurisdictional comparisons of crime levels. Statistics Canada aggregates the data to calculate the Crime Severity Index. As crime is impacted by many factors, Edmonton Crime Severity Index is considered an indicator.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
INDEXindexindexNumberCrime Severity Index Value.
DateTimedatetimedatetimeCalendar date
IDididNumberNumeric Identifier

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