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EPS 8 Crime Indicators

EPS 8 Crime Indicators

This dataset provides crime occurrence counts for EPS's 8 Crime Indicators.

An "occurrence" is a set of connected criminal events which constitute an occurrence report. The occurrence counts here are distinct from 'incidents' and 'victims' as reported by Statistics Canada.

The crime types used here are for EPS's 4 Property Crime and 4 Violent Crime Indicators only. Hence, not every type of property crime or violent crime incident is shown here (e.g,. kidnapping and theft under $5,000 are excluded here). This also excludes criminal code violations that fall under Other Criminal Code Violations, Federal Statute Violations, and Criminal Code Traffic Violations.

The criminal code that is used here is based on the most serious violation of the occurrence. For example, if a break & enter occurred that involved an aggravated assault, only the aggravated assault would be counted. This follows the standard for how Statistics Canada reports on crime throughout Canada.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Theft From Vehicletheft_from_vehicletheft_from_vehicleNumber
Sexual Assaultsexual_assaultsexual_assaultNumber
Theft Over $5000theft_over_5000theft_over_5000Number
Break and Enterbreak_and_enterbreak_and_enterNumber
4 Property Crime Indicatorsproperty_crime_4_indicatorsproperty_crime_4_indicatorsNumber
4 Violent Crime Indicatorsviolent_crime_4_indicatorsviolent_crime_4_indicatorsNumber
DatedatedateCalendar date
Theft Of Vehicletheft_of_vehicletheft_of_vehicleNumber

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