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EPS Crime Severity Index / Weighted Clearance Rate

This dataset provides EPS's Crime Severity Index and Weighted Clearance Rate statistics. Figures provided here are based on in-house calculations with small measurement errors compared to what is produced by Statistics Canada.

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) assesses the severity of criminality by measuring both the volume of police-reported criminal incidents and weighting for more severe crime, while factoring for the level of population. The CSI is available for any city or region across Canada, and is indexed to equal 100 in Canada for the year 2006.

The Weighted Clearance Rate (WCR) measures the percentage of EPS-reported criminal incidents that are cleared by charge, or cleared by "other" (e.g., using the Youth Criminal Act, the accused is deceased), weighted by crime severity.

Both measures here account for all criminal code violations, which can be categorized at a high-level as: Violent Crime, Property Crime, Other Criminal Code Violations, Federal Statute Violations, and Criminal Code Traffic Violations. The counting methodology here follows that of Statistics Canada by only counting the most serious violation for a criminal incident, and counting the number of victims for violent-based offences.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DatedatedateCalendar date
WCR (non-violent)wcr_non_violentwcr_non_violentNumberEPS's Weighted Clearance Rate for non-violent criminal code violations (UCR 2000-9000 level series).
CSI (non-violent)csi_non_violentcsi_non_violentNumber
CSI (violent)csi_violentcsi_violentNumber
CSI (overall)csi_overallcsi_overallNumber
WCR (violent)wcr_violentwcr_violentNumberEPS's Weighted Clearance Rate, measured for violent-based criminal code violations (UCR 1000 level series).
WCR (overall)wcr_overallwcr_overallNumberEPS's Weighted Clearance Rate, measured for all criminal code violations.
  • eps_crime_severity_index_weighted_clearance_rate
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