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EPS Historical Missing Person Files

This dataset provides statistics on historical missing person files that is the responsibility of EPS. A historical missing person is someone who has been reported missing 90+ days. Statistics here also include several files where human remains have been found and have yet to be identified.

Concluded Historical Missing Person files are those where the historical missing person is located (alive or deceased) or new evidence suggests the missing person is in another policing jurisdiction - in which case investigative responsibility is transferred to the other policing jurisdiction.

The number of concluded files and added files up to the end of 2015 are annual figures; figures in 2016 are based on a yearly quarter.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Concluded Historical MPFsconcluded_historical_mpfsconcluded_historical_mpfsNumberNumber of historical missing person files that were concluded during the period.
Added Historical MPFsnew_historical_mpfsnew_historical_mpfsNumberNumber of new historical missing persons due to file reaching 90 days + missing.
Open Historical MPFsopen_historical_mpfsopen_historical_mpfsNumberNumber of historical missing person files under EPS responsibility for investigation.
DatedatedateCalendar date
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