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Mode of Travel for Journey to Work

Mode of Travel for Journey to Work measures the percentage of people who travel to and from work by a method other than driving themselves in a vehicle.

Active transportation (e.g. cycling and walking) is an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants, fuel consumption, traffic and parking congestion, employee sick days, and healthcare costs. It also significantly improves people's physical and mental health, and saves households money on fuel, vehicle and parking expenses.

Although only 26% of daily trips made are commutes to and from work, these are the trips that set the traffic patterns for each day, resulting in the period of vehicle traffic congestion and therefore influencing the capacity requirements of the transportation network.

Generally, Edmonton is trending favourably in this measure with more people choosing to use active transportation and transit for their commutes. Increased environmental awareness, protected bike lanes, and an expanding transit network has made active and public transportation more popular. In coming years, Edmonton will continue to see significant infrastructure investments that will further encourage this shift.

This data is collected as part of the municipal census, which is conducted every two years. The Total % Commuting Sustainably column is the total percentage of respondents who selected “transit,” “walking,” “cycling” to indicate how they travel to work.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
IDididNumberNumeric Identifier
% Commuting by Transit_commuting_by_transit_commuting_by_transitNumberThe percentage of respondents who indicated they commute to and from work using transit.
% Passengers in Vehicles or "Other"passengers_in_vehicles_or_otherpassengers_in_vehicles_or_otherNumberThe percentage of people surveyed who indicated they commute to and from work as passengers in vehicles or using an "Other" sustainable form of transportation.
% Commuting by Bicycle_commuting_by_bicycle_commuting_by_bicycleNumberThe percentage of respondents who indicated they commute to and from work by bicycle.
% Commuting by Walking_commuting_by_walking_commuting_by_walkingNumberThe percentage of respondents who indicated they commute to and from work by walking.
DateTimedatetimedatetimeCalendar date
Total % Commuting Sustainablyauto_passenger_transit_walk_cycle_otherauto_passenger_transit_walk_cycle_otherNumberThe total percentage of Edmontonians surveyed who were commuting to and from work by cycling, walking or using transit.
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