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Average Passenger Boardings By Service Type 2017-18

Average Passenger Boardings By Service Type 2017-18

Provides the average number of passenger boardings per trip by service type by month on the Transport Canberra network for 2017-18.

The service types in the current public transport network include:

Rapid services - Public transport corridors for all day, high speed travel across the city along dense corridors. Currently includes the Blue and Red Rapid services.

Frequent Local services – Local services in areas of current or future denser development, including some group centres. This type of service will connect to rapid services at bus stations and town centre nodes for longer trips. Currently includes the Green, Gold and Weston Line routes.

Peak Express services – Direct service from residential or Park and Ride facility to major employment destinations. This type of service is supplementary and does not compete with Rapid services. Currently includes the Xpresso routes.

Coverage services – Local and feeder services in lower density areas away from the 'Frequent Network'. These services are provided for reasons of inclusion rather than patronage.

The 'Frequent Network' comprises of Rapid and Frequent Local services.



NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Boardings per Tripaverage_boardings_per_tripaverage_boardings_per_tripNumber
Service Typeservice_typeservice_typeText
Fiscal Monthfiscal_monthfiscal_monthCalendar date

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