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Register of ACT Veterinary Premises

Register of ACT Veterinary Premises

This dataset contains the current register of ACT Veterinary Premises

Details about registration process is found at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Registration holder name (owner)registration_holder_nameregistration_holder_nameTextName (s) of holders of registration
Premise addresspremise_addresspremise_addressTextVeterinary premise address
Registration expiry dateregistration_expiry_dateregistration_expiry_dateCalendar dateAnnual renewal required. Once registration expires, they should cease practising out of that premise
ConditionsconditionsconditionsCheckboxYes/No (if yes those restrictions will be listed)
Reg noreg_noreg_noTextUnique number (sequential numbering for new registrations VPXXX)
Current premise namecurrent_premise_namecurrent_premise_nameTextRegistered business name
CategorycategorycategoryTextType of veterinary practice (5 categories) 1 - Veterinary Consulting Room 2 - Veterinary Clinic 3 - Mobile Veterinary Clinic 4 - Veterinary Hospital 5 - Mobile Veterinary Hospital
SuburbsuburbsuburbTextsuburb name
Radiation licenceradiation_licenceradiation_licenceTextIndicates if the premise has been licensed by Health to operate radiation equipment

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