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Archive - Cook County Assessor’s Residential Assessments

Archive - Cook County Assessor’s Residential Assessments

This data contains every residential Property Index Number (PIN) and corresponding Assessed Values from significant stages in the assessment process.

This data was replaced with the more comprehensive Cook County Assessor's Fair Cash Values.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
YEARyearyearTextassessment year
TOWN NAMEtown_nametown_nameTexttownship name
PIPELINE RESULTpipeline_resultpipeline_resultTextinitial value after adjustments during residential valuation process
NUM REVIEWEDnum_reviewednum_reviewedTextnumber of appeal reviews
MODEL RESULTmodel_resultmodel_resultTextinitial value produced by modeling process
FIRST PASSfirst_passfirst_passTextvaluation after desk review and
CHANGEDchangedchangedTextultimate outcome of appeal process
CERTIFIEDcertifiedcertifiedTextassessor certified values
BOR RESULTbor_resultbor_resultTextboard of review certified value
APPEALEDappealedappealedCheckboxyes/no appeal indicator
TOWNtowntownTexttownship code
PINpinpinText14 digit property index number
NBHDnbhdnbhdTextneighborhood code
CLASSclassclassTextproperty class

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