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Suburban Cook County - Selected Causes of Death

Suburban Cook County - Selected Causes of Death

This data is compiled by the Cook County Department of Public Health using data from the Illinois Department of Public Health Vital Statistics. It includes the annual number of deaths, crude and age-adjusted death rates by selected causes of death. Further analysis is available by age group, race/ethnicity, gender and decedent's place of residence in suburban Cook County at the time of their death. Table of Contents and other information can be found at Note: * Counts suppressed for events between 1 and 4, - Rates not calculated for events less than 20


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SectionsectionsectionTextUnderlying Cause of Death categorized into 7 main sections
Age Groupage_groupage_groupTextAge Group of Decedent
Crude Mortality Ratecrude_mortality_ratecrude_mortality_rateNumberThe mortality rate from all causes of death for a population during a specified time period, multiplied by 100,000
GendergendergenderTextMale or Female
PlaceplaceplaceTextDecedent's Town or SCC District or Residence (see SCC District Map)
Age Adjusted Mortality Rateage_adjusted_mortality_rateage_adjusted_mortality_rateNumberAge-adjustment is a statistical process applied mortality rates which allows communities with different age structures to be compared. Adjustment is accomplished by first multiplying the age-specific rates of death by age-specific weights based off of the 2010 standard population. The weighted rates are then summed across the age groups.
Race/Ethnicityrace_ethnicityrace_ethnicityTextNH = Non Hispanic
NumbernumbernumberNumberNumber of Deaths
Sub-Sectionsub_sectionsub_sectionTextUnderlying cause of death sections categorized into Sub-section
YearyearyearNumberYear of Death

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