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DART Bus Schedules

This contains all the routes, stop location, stop times, and trip information for all DART bus routes.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
STOP_ABBRstop_abbrstop_abbrTextContains short text or alpha numeric value that used in identifying the stop, referenced by the StopID column.
DESTINATIONSIGN_NAMEdestinationsign_namedestinationsign_nameTextContains the text that appears on the bus sign that identifies the trip's destination to passengers. This field is also used to distinguish between different patterns (PatternID) of service in the same route. Usually, major landmark names are used in this data.
SERVICE_NAMEservice_nameservice_nameTextContains the full name of the service. This text often indicates what type of service is being used. Example: Weekday, Saturday, Sunday, Resort Weekday.
WEEK_TEMPLATEweek_templateweek_templateTextContains a binary value that indicates whether the service is valid for the day(s) of the week starting from Sunday to Saturday. “Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday.” Example: 0111110. A value of ‘0’ indicates that service is not available for that day, whereas 1 represents service is available for that day. Note: Transit day Start time and End time of all days is from 3:00 am to next day 2:59 am.
SERVICE_IDservice_idservice_idNumberContains an ID that uniquely identifies a service. It is referenced by the Service_Name and Week_Template columns.
STOPIDstopidstopidNumberContains an ID that uniquely identifies a stop. Multiple routes may use the same stop. The StopID is unique.
STOP_SEQUENCEstop_sequencestop_sequenceNumberIdentifies the order of the stops for a particular trip. The values for Stop_Sequence will be increasing along the trip. There might be missing Stop_Sequence values in the order, which is common.
STOP_LONstop_lonstop_lonNumberContains the longitude of a stop.
STOP_LATstop_latstop_latNumberContains the latitude of a stop.
TRIP_FROMTIMEtrip_fromtimetrip_fromtimeTextContains specific Trip start time. The first stop time(Stop_Time) value of a specific Trip(TripID) is entered here.
TRIPIDtripidtripidNumberContains an ID that identifies a trip.
STOP_TIMEstop_timestop_timeTextSpecifies the stop arrival time at a specific stop for a specific trip on a route.
PATTERNIDpatternidpatternidTextContains an ID that uniquely identifies a Pattern. Multiple blocks are a combination of a specific Pattern.
Geocoded Locationgeocoded_locationgeocoded_locationPointThis field is used to combine latitude and longitude into one field to be able to display on a map.
Geocoded Location (address)geocoded_location_addressgeocoded_location_addressText
Geocoded Location (city)geocoded_location_citygeocoded_location_cityText
Geocoded Location (zip)geocoded_location_zipgeocoded_location_zipText
ROUTErouterouteNumberContains an ID that uniquely identifies a route.
ROUTE_NAMEroute_nameroute_nameTextContains the full name of a route. This name will often include the route's destination sign name or last stop name.
DIRECTION_NAMEdirection_namedirection_nameTextContains text which indicates the direction of travel for a Trip. Used for separating trips by direction when publishing time tables and distinguishing between bi-directional trips with the same Route. Values = Outbound, Inbound Outbound: Travel in one direction Inbound: Travel in opposite direction.
TRIP_TOTIMEtrip_totimetrip_totimeTextContains specific Trip end time. The last stop time(Stop_Time) value of a specific Trip(TripID) is entered here.
STOP_NAMEstop_namestop_nameTextContains the name of a stop.
POCKETSCHEDULE_NAMEpocketschedule_namepocketschedule_nameTextContains the alias name of a stop used on DART pocket schedule time table.
BLOCK_NUMblock_numblock_numNumberContains an ID that uniquely identifies a Block. It used in identifying which trip belongs to a block. A block consists of two or more sequential trips made using the same vehicle, where a passenger can transfer from one trip to the next just by staying in the vehicle. The block_num is referenced by two or more TripID’s.
Geocoded Location (state)geocoded_location_stategeocoded_location_stateText

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