What is Splitgraph Cloud?

Splitgraph is building the Unified Data Stack – an integrated and modern solution for working with data without worrying about its infrastructure.

Splitgraph Cloud is a SaaS product powered by, and interoperable with, the open core of Splitgraph. It facilitates the transfer of data products from producers to consumers:

  • Data Products are organized into a familiar namespace/repository hierarchy, with every version of every table queryable and addressable at namespace/repository.table:version.

  • Data Producers can build and deliver shareable data products, including proxied connections to dozens of live data sources, and versioned snapshots from hundreds of supported ingestion sources. Manage data infrastructure from the web interface, or from declarative YML files checked into source control.

  • Data Consumers can discover data in the Data Catalog, and query it by connecting to the Data Delivery Network with any PostgreSQL client.

Each deployment of Splitgraph Cloud contains all the machinery necessary to deploy and operate a managed modern data stack:

Splitgraph Cloud Architecture

Splitgraph.com is the public deployment of Splitgraph Cloud

The public, multi-tenant deployment of Splitgraph Cloud is available at {data,www}.splitgraph.com. This includes the data catalog at www.splitgraph.com with an index of 40k+ public data products, and it includes the Data Delivery Network (DDN), where any PostgreSQL client can query those data products by connecting to data.splitgraph.com:5432.

Anyone can upload data to Splitgraph.com. Simply upload a CSV to create a new repository. Publish shareable, queryable data products that anyone can query, or share them only with specific people. Either way, it's all queryable at the DDN, for anyone who can access it.

Private deployments are available

Private, single-tenant deployments of Splitgraph Cloud are production-ready and available on managed or self-hosted infrastructure including all major clouds. To learn more, join the beta.